“The SHIP” – a Luciafilms Original Film

When a drugged heroine (Coco) wakes up groggy and confused in the possession of two goons, her instincts kick in and she immediately begins making a mess of both them and her surroundings. Eventually she learns that her plight is far more extreme than she first realized, when she finds out that she is on a ship at sea… leaving her nowhere to run.

To make matters worse, the goons still have possession of the tranquilizers that knocked her out in the first place, and are keen to get revenge for their beating during the rest of the long trip. What follows is a ruthless beatdown where the Heroine learns that she might have had it wrong all along. That pain can feel… quite nice… however shameful it is to admit…

This movie contains:

  • A Pun Title
  • Drugging
  • Beatdowns
  • Strong Heroine
  • Low Blows
  • Choking
  • Masturbation
  • Internal Dialogue
  • Groping/Rubbing
  • Cartoons
  • Tummy Punching
  • Depowering/Weakening
  • Squirming/Crawling
  • Forced Orgasms
  • Begging
  • Forced Oral
  • Extremely Messy Blowjob ♥
  • Simulated Sex in Multiple Positions
  • Strangulation
  • Heroine Eventually Enjoying It
  • Crowbars/Bats/Etc Used
  • Sweating
  • Carrying (Brief)

PREVIEW! (We Shot Starshame 2!)
We filmed the sequel! Here are some quick photos taken on set to give a preview.

Producer Update:
Hello everyone! Sorry we’ve been a bit quiet of late. This year has kinda pulled the rug out from under our feet and we’re struggling to find our footing. No plans to stop what we are doing, and all previously mentioned projects are still being worked on, but we know things have slown down a bit and we are sorry. We’ve taken a few gut punches recently and momentum is hard, and while this might be oversharing we feel like it is important to acknowledge that we know we’ve not on the ball as much as usual.

Still excited for what is to come, and hope you are too. Thank you for being with us these crazy, many years.

Next up for filming is a mystery film that will be truly Wonderous, as well as Bad Medicine 2! Badder. And with more medicine. Probably.


Lucia Films

Lucia Films

Luciafilms! We make Superhero and adjacent parody films about Peril!

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47 Responses

  1. Ben says:

    WOW This Coca speculation has really blown out of proportion,

    I think it’s clearly obvious that TBFE has filmed very little in the last 6 months (that means all models not just coca haven’t filmed)

    After nebula, the next upcoming update is saying that it’s shooting shortly… which means very little has been shot over the last few months.

    this might be a reasonably legitimate reason why they have ceased filming for a bit due to having a lot of backlog editing to do, Over the last 6 months they have had an awful lot of upcoming releases being shown that probably hadn’t been fully edited, Also we know that there are other production companies that use the studio space that TBFE use. (DCF and PKF)

    Again they may have just said well you guys can use that space more because we’re not shooting as much

    Also I find it ironic that when I first came onto these types of sites 10 months ago, there were certainly some voices on forums like this that said oh my god there’s so much Coca stuff, why can’t we have any new models… now that we have certainly more new models than any other time in SHIP history (14 NEW TALENT on TBFE/DCF ALONE!) and a few more for Lucia and other producers

    Just everyone calm down 🙂 I’m sure Coca will being filming in the future, but let’s enjoy some of the content that is coming out in the next few months with her in. I’m certainly excited about Coca and McKenzie being in the same film for the first time ever with a release coming soon

  2. Independent viewer says:

    Fine bunch of people you have here. Well trained to torment, and pummel another person to a pulp. I wonder, what are the sources of their inspiration?

  3. Coco Follower says:

    Having Coco in a film is such a good thing. Any scene with her looks a hundred percent better witch it comes very handy when the plot is a no-brainer. Take a look at these preview pictures, and you’ll see what I mean. But this video, although just released, was filmed in 2022 and now that TBFE has no plans to include Coco in its upcoming projects (the little rascals!), I wonder what the next job for her will be. (And please, don’t tell me it is “The Rise of the Phoenix”, a film more than one year in the making, that was never started and look like it will never be. Only if the false promises were punishable!).

    • Jantor says:

      Where did they say they wont hire Coco anymore?

      • Coco Forever says:

        Only facts: TBFE has four videos with Coco yet to be released: “Sunder Coco”, “Redwing Coco”, “Tormented” and “Nebula”, all of them already finished. After the “epic debacle” of “Nebula” in February of 2024, TBFE hasn’t announced another film with Coco, and she is not included in any of their future projects. Meanwhile, on eX-Twitter, another “producer”, Phoenix (cero) Philms, has been “harassing” Coco to make a film called “The Rise of the Phoenix” for over a year now, but the film was never completed. It would be nice to know any specific news about Coco, her future projects or anything concrete about her.

        • jobman jobman says:

          Why is Nebula considered an epic debacle?

        • Perry White says:

          The Mckenzie case: quit working for Luciafilms. The dramatic and cowardly assault suffered by Kira Fox (seriously, my best wishes to her). And now, one of the most important model/actress of the genre, Coco, seems to be “missing in action” after the filming of “Nebula”. The case is well suited for Heroine News to cover. Coco was working for TBFE practically without a pause until February 2024. Then, no more. Someone from TBFE should come forward with an answer. It’s useless to keep silence once the doubt has set in. An announcement about Coco’s future and her well being is all we need.

        • Coco crazy says:

          Also, who are those people of Phoenix Philms? Their Twitter is more about politics than SHIP. A very unpleasant place to visit. Poor Coco if she has anything to do with them!

        • bbsucks says:

          Some additional facts:

          1. She’s been in stuff. This one might have been shot a while ago, but she’s been in other things with other producers more recently as well.
          2. Customers pick actresses in TBFE movies.
          3. Multiple custom producers list actresses that are available to request in their videos and she is on those lists.

          I mean…. Maybe you’re right. Sometimes actresses come and go and we’re not privy to all the details, but I feel like you’re conjuring up conclusions a bit haphazardly.

          • Coco Forever says:

            And you are dismissing all problems very lightly!

            • D_Hoffryn D_Hoffryn says:

              “All the problems”? What problems? He pointed out several points which contradict your assumptions, which seem to be fueled by your personal obsession with Coco. TBFE has updated its list of available actresses several times during the last months, has added talents and removed others, and Coco is still there, so there is no good reason to believe that they will not work with her again. In fact, you can’t even be sure that she will not be in one of the movies announced as being filmed shortly. If there is the name of an actress revealed yet at all, it is only that of the lead. As far as we know by now, she might very well appear in one of those films. And if not – well, it wouldn’t be a surprise if customers had decided for some other options after the many, many releases with Coco in the past year. But that doesn’t mean that there is a problem.

              • Coco Forever says:

                I appreciate your answer, but if I was assuming something, you are assuming it too and all you have said doesn’t clarify anything.

              • Coco Forever says:

                Speaking of assuming, I would be very careful of what you assume about me. You said I am obsessed with Coco. That may be. But I am really obsessed with law and order and decent treatment between human beings. Until now, no one in this community has shown me a good disposition and manner. If SHIP fantasies serve to one purpose, it is to show us everything that our society should never be and I would choose very careful who to defend or for whom to speak, because the mistreatment of another person is a very serious offense.

                • saxman314 says:

                  What are you on about? Making what appear to be baseless claims, having no evidence to support them, and now obliquely threatening forum members? Get a life.

    • TBFE TBFE says:

      Sorry Lucia – not trying to invade on your thread. Coco is just fine, we’re filming with her again this summer. No disrespect intended but you’re drawing correlations and conclusions where there just aren’t any.

      • Coco Forever says:

        Thank you for your reply. I’ll be watching and waiting!

        • AWS Man AWS Man says:

          So what happened to all your “facts” and very serious, not at all made up problems that others were dismissing too lightly? Surely your highly informed conspiracy theories can’t be so easily discarded!

  4. Segata says:

    Coco looks phenomenal!

  5. Hual Hual says:

    “Next up for filming is a mystery film that will be truly Wonderous” –> now I’m very curious, looking forward to what comes next

  6. Guibaesa Guibaesa says:

    “”Heroine Eventually Enjoying It””

    God How I wish there where more like those.

  7. Coco Fan says:

    Coco is such a beautiful and talented girl, no matter what she does. She is always a feast for my eyes.
    Finally, a friendly reminder: Outside these fictions, Coco is a person, just like you and me, so treat her nicely!

  8. Andros says:

    Looks like Coco has dropped a few pounds. Great to see- keep going!

    • Reynold says:

      It’s great to see, tbf I liked the thicc coco too though, she still has cake but either way it’s a nice look- I’m all for it as long as she’s happy. Looks good either way

  9. Reynold says:

    By the looks of it “fucking in multiple positions” it’s just everything from behind- doggy and just the behind fucking on the floor- luciafilms is usually decent but this is just lazy

    • bbsucks says:

      I’ve seen the video. It’s not just from behind and it’s not all on the floor. It’s pretty on par with everything else they’ve done.

      • Reynold says:

        Give an example of something “not from behind or on the floor” ie reverse cowgirl or missionary

        “On par with everything else they’ve done” is also part of the problem with their coco vids, barely any missionary and if it is it looks like dry humping, the only good scene was in chosen 2 and even that only had doggy, sorry “multiple positions”

        • Reynold says:

          Just realised I said chosen 2, I meant vengeance and frequency 2&1

          All they need is another camera angle a little closer to the pussy during sex I mean like they do with Ophelia and more missionary. Frequency 1 was good in that regard but the penetration wasn’t that visible

          • Fletch says:

            Frequency and Vengence are some of the very best films Ive ever seen by Lucia or Coco so hearing this was filmed in a similar vein/timeline only means good things for me.

            • Reynold says:

              They’re good but my point is it’s not “multiple positions” it’s 1 at a push 2 positions. Multiple positions implies 2-3+

        • bbsucks says:

          There is missionary in this.

  10. Ben says:

    So Heres my Lengthy Review

    GOD I’ve missed Coco on LuciaFilms!

    She’s such an incredible athlete, I mean most of the performers that appear on Lucia films are… because of the way they shoot fight sequences, the choreography style and the effort of realness that you put in, I think you compare Luciafilms to TBFE, it’s like comparing practical effects to CGI.

    Again I’m not criticizing either element, I think TBFE have created a shorthand and slight cheats with their fight sequences to allow them to shoot more content and less time on those types of elements and still look very effective in how they are achieved and turn out on screen.

    But Luciafilms does it differently and in a more real and impactful way, you really get the sense of Endurance with these fight sequences… like they’re going through this pain and suffering… you’re knackered and out of breath watching it as well as they are… you can feel that intensity.

    So both companies come from different angles of doing it but both compelling in their own way.

    Quite a basic plot of a captured superhero trying to escape… again that’s not a negative in any way shape or form, it’s horses for courses and I think sometimes having a bit of a basic plot not much backstory and just get into the action is satisfying and I think it develops in a nice way because of what I’ve got from Coco in the past.

    I’ve talked about it earlier but the fight choreography is executed brilliantly, I have been critical this year of Luciafilms way of editing (the terrible crossfades) and filming certainly hasn’t been up to scratch in a couple of the films in 2024. Though an incredible return to form in their last update Judgement with Carolynn Rose… and with this filmed a couple of years ago the execution and editing is perfect.

    Anyway to the film itself, I love how strong the hero is to begin with and with each injection gets weaker and more aroused… also a testament to Coco’s performance that is so compelling, real and you believe you’re involved in the scene… I think it’s a big reason why the people order customs are gravitating still towards the best in the business… Whether that Coco, Alicia, Mckenzie or Lucy etc. because they just kill it every single time.

    Another highlight was some incredible punches to the crotch area, executed brilliantly in the reactions by Coco and filming. (I’m talking more broadly about producers on all companies)… I don’t quite understand with things like this there are certain camera angles where you know its going to look good, real and can be executed professionally to allow you to immerse yourself as a viewer… and there are certain camera angles that look terrible that you know takes yourself out of the equation but they are still kept in the Edit…

    Again it’s just basic stuff to think if it doesn’t work and can not be edit correctly… remove it so you can put something in that does work, I don’t quite understand why producers don’t do that, again this is coming from a filmmaker myself (though I certainly don’t have the talent that’s on display here) I think in this film that element is executed brilliantly.

    Though a problem in this is certainly the pussy rubbing fake shaking hand thing that has never looked good in any film in history and it’s awful in this, there’s just better ways of executing it than the shaking hand thing…
    it’s also frustrating in itself because towards the end of the film Coco does pussy rubbing herself (fake) but that is executed 1000 times better.

    Just better to leave out completely then putting that in personal, again if it’s for a customer then maybe leave it in for them and then take out for release, again from my point above if there is anything that isn’t executed properly whether it’s a punch or a kick or a sexual act cut it out… you may not notice this while filming but it’s something you will notice in the editing process which can be easily checked and removed so the film can the executed to the best standard that it can be.

    This is the only negative I have about this particular movie, it’s also a negative that I have in general SHIP content from producers

    One thing I’ve always been incredibly impressed with Luciafilms is regarding there set design… they are working in incredibly tight spaces a lot of the time but immerse their sets into a world that looks completely aesthetically pleasing and lived in. is truly remarkable to watch each and every film and look oh my god this is the same space but it looks completely different. You can see they put so much time and effort into creating a world that matches what customer, what the film provides.

    this quality certainly isn’t talked about enough and I think praise should be always given to the world’s that they create… Also the use of boxes and cages in Lucia’s content is brilliant, I love a good box or a cage… it’s a little thing but I get a kicked out of it.

    So this is the final part of the trilogy of films that Coca with Lucia in 2022 with Vengeance and Frequency… Being honest I never bought Frequency because it didn’t appeal to me, Vengeance on the other hand was truly epic really opened the envelope to what can be developed and filmed with massive ambition from everyone involved… Overall this film a very well executed production and thoroughly enjoyable with Coco putting in another great performance.

  11. Ben says:

    My In depth review is coming, I know a few people have reached out to me and and have said that they have enjoyed my lengthy reviews, I appreciate that so thank you

    I’m Glad to see Luciafilms communicating again and giving us an update on things, we haven’t heard much since the end of March… I appreciate the update and understand that it’s been a struggle with a few things that have happened publicly and obviously a few things that may have happened privately as well. but extremely happy that things are still ticking over and filming content.

    StarShame 2 is something I have been looking forward to for a while now… I’ve only been into SHIP for less than a year now, Alicia C. Moon has been a huge part of my content experience.

    She hasn’t appeared in anything new since around February, I’ve got to be honest with you, when there is a decent break from not having an update of a certain model you can certainly feel the emptiness of the rift she leaves behind.

    I have certainly felt that with Alicia,

  12. enthralledo says:

    Looks hot, Is there much story in this though? Are the villains interesting? If not, I’m going to skip and save up for something with more story.

    But yeah, Starshame 2 looks amazing, who’s playing ‘Raven’?

  13. Ferrari93 says:

    Starshame looks interesting, do you have a rough date you’re aiming for to release it?

  14. Droxillian says:

    This was fantastic! Coco is amazing – I loved her performance in this. Wow!

  15. Kyle says:

    Coco is always an immediate skip for me, she doesn’t bring anything exciting to the table

  16. 33sp says:

    Love the pun!


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