“Vengeance II” From The Battle For Earth


Contains: 2 on 1 male/male/female combat, Face Punches, Belly Punches, Slaps, Backhands, Kicks, Low Blows, Knees, Bear Hug Front and Rear, Back Breaker, Use Of Pipe Wrench, Wedgie, Costume Destruction from Energy Strikes, Mask Removal, Ass Slaps, Full Nudity, Forced BJ’s, Forced Fucking in multiple positions, AOH, Heroine covered in cum 

​Synopsis: After the very public and humiliating defeat at the hands of Octavia, Red has been in hiding. A news report indicating Octavia has taken hostages is the motivation Red needs to reengage. Octavia already took Red’s powers and even though Red has recovered, she finds herself facing 2 thugs that are stronger than she’s prepared for. It becomes clear as the thugs use her stored powers to boost their strength, that the odds are stacked unfavorably towards poor Red. Nonetheless, Red preservers and finds herself once again in over her head. Find out what devious and treacherous things Octavia has planned as Red fights a battle she can’t win.

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