“Ravaged I” From The Battle For Earth

Contains: 2 on 1 male/female/female combat, face punches, belly punches, rib punches, kicks, knees, low blows, power draining effect, mask ripped off, costume destruction, heroine leashed and led, forced BJ, forced fucking from strap on, admission of defeat, heroine forced into toxic cream and toxic water, heroine covered in toxic ooze and then electrocuted, costume further destroyed from this, pipe forcefully shoved up heroine’s power center

Synopsis: Red gets word there’s a disturbance at the nuclear power facility and intel suggests an alien presence. She goes to investigate and finds a curious entity identifying as Selene. Red doesn’t care about her galaxy of origin and engages without thinking twice. Selene is strong but Red holds. Unfortunately, Selene has the ability to absorb Red’s power. With every withdrawal, Red becomes weaker. Despite losing her powers, Red still manages to hang on. Selene hasn’t broken a sweat but decides to call in her “insurance policy”. An entity identifying as Reaver appears and engages the depowered Red. Poor Red doesn’t have a chance to breath as Reaver and then Selene and Reaver fully dismantle the poor heroine. This is just the beginning for Red as Selene has been instructed to utterly humiliate the cocky heroine and prepare her for her Master. Red couldn’t possibly be prepared for what’s in store as she discovers what it means to be “Ravaged”.

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30 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    Does anyone know if Tbfe Has a another sale Coming up like For Mother’s Day, Memorial Day cause I was thinking about buying ravaged, but I also Am interested in mercury by Luciafilms I like Ariana rogue But I also like Coco So I was just trying to decide Which to buy And wanted to know if there was a sale that would make my decision easier

  2. Red Red says:

    Another sexy performance by Coco and Ophelia, they work well together!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Does anyone know when the next? Tbfe Sale will be I missed out of the last one And I recently bought WS Corrupted system And was looking to buy two or three more But I also have another custom video project in the works that So I don’t wanna overspend Not trying to be cheaper or ripping anyone off just wanted to know any info you have would be great thanks And will DFC I think it’s called be taking over white shadow

  4. 33sp says:

    Wow. I’ve only managed to finish part 1 before feeling too overwhelmed. Just wow. The way Ophelia pulls Coco around with her power drain is so euphoric

  5. Charlie Santos says:

    How can I get it if I can’t purchase from netcode?

  6. Maurice Henderson says:

    I want to download this movie on my fire H.D. tablet, my question is 2160 ok to download, before I spend almost $60 dollars.

  7. Sugarcoater says:

    Absolutely love Coco as Redwing. And she looks great with curls in her hair.

  8. Ben Ben says:

    This is a question to TBFE… Why the change in Video Resolution in recent updates?

    It has been 1080p for a long time now. But not in recent updates (its been 2160p)

    I do wish you could go back to 1080p, I have an old laptop that that struggles with 2160p. I had to re-edit uncontrolled just so I can watch it

    • 33sp says:

      try handbrake to compress it down to 1080p.

      it’s better to be able to have the higher resolution file than only getting the 1080p

  9. Ztc says:

    Looks great but I’m just wondering if the future releases page is glitched. If it is I would love to see it fixed to see more prospective films that are over the horizon

    • TBFE TBFE says:

      Sorry – not quite sure what’s happening here. I’m not seeing an issue when I pull it up. Anyone else?

      • Ztc says:

        I was just wondering because after nebula there’s a massive amount of blank space so I thought there was an error and noticed if you clicked on actresses in custom films there’s trailers for what could be a film or a reel of their performances to show them off

        • TBFE TBFE says:

          I understand. There was some extra dead space I just got rid of, but all the films on the “future releases” page are everything that’s filmed. We have a few projects yet to film that are in the pipeline but any of the trailers on the talent page are not upcoming films. They are just trailers introducing the talent so potential custom buyers can see new talent in action.

  10. D_Hoffryn D_Hoffryn says:

    Coco may be the lead in this film, but the best reason to watch it is Ophelia. She never disappoints.

  11. ME92 says:

    I’ve said it before and I’ll gladly say it again, Ophelia’s ‘Girl Power’ tattoo in frame while she’s fucking another girl with a strapon or being fucked by a strapon is so fudging HOT. Second to last picture is such a good camera angle for this. I can’t really put my finger on it but there’s just something magical about that combination.

    • Henchman says:

      You should check out the constrained video if you haven’t already. Great submission where Kayla kisses her ass with the girl power tatoo perfectly in the shot

  12. Kyle says:

    Anything with coco is an instand skip

  13. 321 says:

    Once again, Ophelia looks absolutely stunning in a spandex costume.

  14. Andros says:

    Coco is going to need (edited)

  15. Droxillian says:

    This was an instant buy for me, and I immediately set aside my plans to watch it asap. It did not disappoint! I can’t wait for the next part!

  16. Hual Hual says:

    this looks awesome

  17. In the preview photos that were in the “future release” tab of this film, there was a final scene where Coco (without her Red Wing costume) was tortured by Ophelia and another villainess, is this scene present at the end of this film? Or was it removed to be in part two?

  18. 33sp says:

    This trailer is an outright masterpiece. Speechless…


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