Multiple Releases From The Battle For Earth



Introducing Harper!

Contains: Very limited amount of fighting 1 on 1 male/male/female combat, face punches, slaps, belly punches, kick, knees, low blow, blackmail scenario, depowering/arousal serum, forced masturbation, forced fingering, forced sex in multiple positions, heroine is initially blackmailed into sexual scenarios but is overcome and loses herself, After cumming she’s regretful again, live feed that turns out to be streaming to an auction

Synopsis: Wonderous Girl has no memory when she wakes in a mysterious room. After trying the door, she quickly realizes she’s powerless. It’s not long before a voice over an intercom system greets her. The voice reminds her she is trapped but worse, a live feed appears on the wall showing a captured Redwing. It’s at this moment the voice reveals the agenda. Wonderous Girl must follow every instruction and do so with a smile or Redwing will be tortured. Naturally, Wonderous Girl has no choice and immediately acquiesces to any and all demands. Unfortunately, the demands force WG into uninvited sexual scenarios. What’s worse, she realizes these scenarios are far more arousing than they normally would be. She’s too far gone before she realizes an injection is assisting here or that she’ll regret her actions in the future.



Contains: 1 on 1 male/female combat, low blows, face punches, belly punches, palm thrust, kick, knees, bear hug leading to broken back, brief choke hold, depowering resonator weapon, demasking, forced fucking in multiple positions, cum shot on chest

Synopsis: Blue Swan knows her sister is in trouble. A call from a hacker named Atac confirms Redwing is in fact being held against her will. Swan rushes to confront Atac and is ready to make mincemeat out of him, but Atac has Redwing at an alternate location and hired muscle ready to confront Swan. She knows she can’t hurt Atac or her sister will be the recipient of “unimaginable pain”. Swan changes her plan and squares off with the hired muscle. Unfortunately for Swan, Atac has planned everything and supplied his hired muscle with a resonator dialed to the same frequency as that which would interrupt Swan’s strength and power set. All the hired muscle has to do is look for the perfect opening to use the resonator. It’s not long before the cocky Swan leaves herself wide open and now powerless, she’s just as vulnerable as a civilian. Downhill quickly is an understatement as even after Swan is broken physically, she then must face Atac who very much wants to degrade and publicly humiliate our poor heroine.



Contains: 2 on 1 male/male/female combat, TONS OF LOW BLOWS, face punches, belly punches, rib punches, kicks, knees, cyborg absorbs heroine’s power while healing/regenerating itself, energy weapon, multiple forced O’s from power center stimulation

Synopsis: Hubris is at it again. This time, he’s created 2 cyborgs to challenge Solaria. Version 1 isn’t as advanced and certainly doesn’t pose a challenge for our heroine, but version 2 is much more of a threat. The two versions combined are more than Solaria bargained for. The kicker is that when Solaria’s power center is hurt or stimulated in any way, version 2 can absorb energy and regenerate or heal. Theoretically, Solaria could be taken out if the cyborgs target her power center since every hit weakening Solaria is an elixir for version 2. It’s a no-win scenario but Solaria runs headlong into it nonetheless.

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42 Responses

  1. Ondtland says:

    I like this actress. Nice big girl with great portions. Pretty and erotic. I’m not the only fan of a BBWW. Hopefully we’ll see a lot more of her.

  2. Harper (not the actress) says:

    Potentially an unpopular opinion, but I wanted to share. In both Uncontrolled and Atac, the male villain appears to take out his actual erection (as opposed to a prosthetic) and then simulates inserting it into the superheroine. During the climax of Atac, the villain seems to stroke his real erection before the simulated cum shot. To me, these touches add a tremendous amount of realism and eroticism to the movies. I love to see it! And I would love to see more.

    I don’t mind if the sex is simulated, and want nothing more than the comfort and safety of the performers involved. But the suspension of disbelief is critical. The second I see a giant plastic dick, it takes me out of the scene and makes the whole thing feel like a parody. These films are too good to turn “campy” with that. Even more believable dildos would be appreciated compared to the 9 inch long rigid plastic dongs that don’t match the actor’s skin color. And more realistic fake cumshots. The oversized dick and gallon of jizz cheapens for me what are often otherwise well acted, well scripted, well shot, suspenseful and sexy films.

    There has been some great work increasing the believability of simulated scenes recently. A few times we’ve seen the head of a prothetic being actually inserted before they cut to a different angle for simulated thrusting. Love this.

    To the extend all the actors are willing, it would be great to see even more use of actual erections. I think it adds to the “peril” of the scene because of the authenticity. I would suggest to make the real-ness of the cock indisputable (not hanging out of a zipper fly). Bring it close to the face of the actress. Have the actor stroke his cock inches from her face while holding her neck and telling her what he’s about to do to her. Then she opens her mouth and it cuts to a simulated angle. Show the actresses’ cheek bulging from a prosthetic. Cut to an angle where he’s pulled out but his dick is wet with saliva, maybe even a trail of spit from her mouth. For me this would be so much hotter than watching a bright piece of plastic rammed into someone’s mouth for minutes on end.

    Anyway the point of my post was to commend the actors and filmmakers of Uncontrolled and Atac because I thought it elevated the sex scenes considerably. Thank you and keep up the great work!

    • SHL SHL says:

      Can’t speak for TBFE but – almost all the talent I have worked with who is fine with simulated but not actual penetration – are NOT comfortable with real dicks being pulled out on sets

      And I know a couple of actresses whom allowed it in the past (non SHIP films) and were then sexually assaulted when the male talent decided to ‘slip it in’ anyway

      So, I can appreciate people don’t like fake cocks but if an actress isn’t cool with penetration she’s probably got a good reason to not want real dicks to be swinging around on set

      • Harper says:

        Very fair and valid point. Like I said, safety and comfort of the performers is the most important thing and I understand that being a boundary.

        Maybe my personal fetish is hardcore performers who just simulate sex, lol. Very niche. I guess each of us has gotta be in the 1% of something, right?

        I appreciate you taking the time to write a reasoned response. Keep on making awesome films!

    • Reynold says:

      Great point. I think having some of these is great but also some with the fake dildo if not hardcore with actual visible penetration kind of like what they have going on with distortion x but for tbfe. I hear ya tho. Some of the best releases have been things like immunity

  3. Ben Ben says:

    Harper Hunt Shared this, “I hadn’t thought to check the reviews yet and these all just made my DAY! I hadn’t seen any feedback back from viewers and I didn’t expect all that. Thank you so much ❤️ I can’t wait to work with them again!”

  4. Heroine Lover says:

    I prefer more girl on girl stuff, like villainess against superheroine and that only. More of a turn on for me

  5. 80ng 80ng says:

    I personally don’t have the funds, but I desperately need someone to make a custom with Hazel Honey, because WOW she looks gorgeous

  6. Kyndle Kyndle says:

    Hubris might be favorite. Not only because of Coco who’s always great. But honestly I think it’s refreshing to me that it doesn’t have much nudity or sex although orgasm did come to play here. But to be clear it’s not a big deal I have with some of the TBFE videos. Just for me I don’t crave to see that all the time. Sometimes just a straight forward beat down is kind of what I’m looking for.

  7. el goodo el goodo says:

    Finally got around to picking up “Uncontrolled”, and I am excited about Harper as a new talent. She really gets the genre. The way she sells the peril and humiliation with her expressions, her voice, it’s top notch. There were some real stand out moments throughout, her internal monologue, when she says “I can’t do this” before pulling her top down, the gasp when the villain grabs her crotch during their fight, the internal struggle on her face during the masturbation/fingering/sex scenes. All done perfectly. It’s looking like Harper will be another “insta-buy” performer for me, can’t wait to see her in more. Any critiques I have of the film are more personal taste than anything, but I would have loved some internal monologue or even just some more dialogue from Harper at the very end. But all in all, great job, I highly recommend this one.

  8. Heroinelover Heroinelover says:

    Personally Uncontrolled was the film for me I loved the blackmail stuff and all the different elements. I love the whole concoction part and shows how depraved she got and just wish it was like an ending where she fully embraces it like in that siri power girl video back in the day. Maybe we can get a sequel where the person that bought her sold her off again at the beginning and how she is still ashamed but slowly gets her to fully give in with a more powerful formulae and by the end with them using it in her over time she doesn’t recognise herself as a heroine but a sexual play thing for the users desire and in a more exposed variant of her costume and sees her old costume and despises WW(Not realising that’s who she is) and complaining about heroines always getting in the way of her masters plan

  9. 33sp 33sp says:

    Hubris is outstanding!!!

    The gradual depletion of Solaria’s power is built up throughout the film. It’s amazing how it keeps me at the edge of my seat!

  10. Ben Ben says:

    Semi off topic… But here an interview with Coco from early 2023

    Some really interesting insights and just really enjoyable podcast, highly recommend listening to it.

    Heres a few highlights

    – Coco was K.Oed for real, which could have easily paralysed her, this was around the covid time and it took a long time to recover.

    – She loves talking shit and learning new ways to talk shit… You can see that in her SHIP content. She is the best in the business of being sarcastic and arrogant and really delving into that dialogue.

    – She really wants to be a villain! To be cast in villains roles cos it suite in personality. LETS MAKE HER DREAMS COME TRUE THEN! – She did a few years and years ago, and 1 recently, but yeah more villain roles for Coco!

    – impact play and fighting turns her on, “I love how much fighting is like fucking… even in some of the stage stuff… its just so hot… I love it”

    – She loves a good death scene. Brutal and messier the better.

    – She was also asked about new experiences and what she’s done and looked at etc… she mentions Alex Coal… but also she put an emphasis on the idea of not really doing anything new but really coming back to same old things and how comforting that is and having a family unit
    (and I think she was probably talking about TBFE, or at least that falls into that bracket anyway)

    – Wants to do Wet and messy fetish more, finds that funny as hell

    – and we also get an answer to why she’s not done any real orgasms or real penetration on screen…

    she just wants to do the job, have fun and go home and not have to be tested and do any of that kind of stuff that maybe make it unsafe… she doesn’t want worry, she just wants to have fun.
    I love that… I think that’s a great answer and just respect 
    (obviously that has changed in recent months with a clip that has come out)

    I just think overall she’s got a really interesting take on society and life and views on what she would or wouldn’t in the industry. Highly recommend listening to the full podcast.

  11. Ben Ben says:

    I was thinking about this overnight and I want it to discuss one thing that I thought was a little bit negative about Uncontrolled.

    Don’t get me wrong it’s a minor thing but I think it should be brought up, you have Harper that is willing to rub her pussy for real, she does it on screen in this movie a few times very effectively obviously with clothing on… but there is a part where the male performer takes her hand away, stops her from doing it herself… for him to do it, but Fake!

    and I mean it’s kind of the shaky hand it looks terrible on screen fake… I understand doing that when you have a female performer that doesn’t want to do it, but it makes absolutely no sense to do that with Harper.

    So definitely in the future… that’s probably not the best creative idea to do that with Harper, if she’s doing a custom and what have you… allow her to it herself because it looks so much better.

    • 33sp 33sp says:

      But being willing to touch herself for real doesn’t mean being willing to be touched for real. Or do you mean something else?

    • i completely agree with and understand what you’re saying, but this was harper’s first shoot and we didn’t want to throw too much at her at once. she is actually open to and available for hard core content. thanks for the feed back! (btw that’s me playing Atac haha)

  12. el goodo el goodo says:

    Picked up Atac as I am excited to see new talent and the content seemed right up my alley. It was good but could have been much better with some slight tweaks. Personal preference, would have loved her to be wearing gloves with this costume. Otherwise, since the villain makes it a point to say he is going to humiliate her by showing that she actually enjoys what is happening, a little more internal monologue and a forced orgasm would have gone a long way. I loved her expressions during the cum shot, but I really wanted her to express her humiliation after the fact. Overall, it was a good video though and I’m really excited to see TBFE using some new performers. Will likely pick up Uncontrolled soon as well.

  13. Namvibe Namvibe says:

    Finally, there is a new actor.
    Harper is a very attractive actress.
    I look forward to seeing her in many movies in the future.

  14. Hual Hual says:

    does anyone else have the issue that the plugged in videos cannot be played here on HN? When I go over to TBFEs site, I can play the trailers without any issue

  15. Ben Ben says:

    I would love to here from the people that commissioned customs “Uncontrolled” and “atac” 🙂

    It was a huge risk spending thousands on a custom with a brand new talent, would love to hear their thoughts on how they felt about their customs, if they don’t mind sharing

    • D_Hoffryn D_Hoffryn says:

      Are you sure that these films are customs? The previews look to me as if they decided that filming a teaser to introduce a new talent (as they have done recently) is a lot of work for which they don’t get anything, so this time they produced short movies which can be released and sold instead.

  16. ME92 ME92 says:

    I don’t think I’ve seen a triple release from them before, TBFE is cooking! 🔥

  17. Ben Ben says:


    We’ve been spoiled with quite a few videos coming out all at once, I only have a finite amount of money at the moment so I have to be careful what I buy I’m definitely going to the Luciafilms scene with Spicy, so I could really only afford to buy 1 of these 3 TBFE at the moment (though I will try and buy the others at some point soon) I chose based on the trailers Uncontrolled with New talent Harper

    I’ve got to say it is amazing and I couldn’t be more pleased with it. it’s incredible to see so many new Talents available on all platforms whether its TBFE/DCF/Lucia/LeeCarl etc. Maybe too many at the moment but not complaining. Over the last 18 months there has been a few new talents coming through on a few sites but only doing one and done. I think we can safely say that this will not happen to a few of these girls… they will be around for years

    So Harper… we’ve had a few New Talents doing their opening Gambit recently and I think Harper is the best so far. she is stunningly beautiful but I think importantly she did a lot of script work in this particular scene, she did a fantastic job with delivering the lines and delivering the attitude and Cockiness naturally.

    I think that’s the biggest thing that comes out of this scene is how a natural performer she is, not over the top or unnatural in any of her reactions or line delivery just compelling, very real and down to Earth

    The blackmail storyline is always fun, I was a little concerned that it is a follow up to Ravaged film that obviously hasn’t been released yet, but it really isn’t… that films footage is just there to provide context to the blackmail and works well 🙂

    The storyline is set up for her to be very compliant immediately due to the stakes of what has been set up, so it puts a lot of pressure on the facial expressions and body language to convey the internal struggle that’s going on in her brain of being compliant and also not wanting to do any of it.

    This is something that is really hard to do normally and when it’s your first scene it’s a big challenge, and this is where Harper shines completely… I believe the internal struggle, theres so much meaning in her eyes, and I appreciate that so much. she really is someone that does so much with her eyes

    The Sexual Peril in this film is executed brilliant by Harper and filmed brilliantly too. Some good real forced masturbation and with her eyes just telling all the story, her body language through that scene was exceptional and you can see the internal struggle perfected by a first time performer.

    I also loved the bit where she’s grinding on top of him, disgusted by his actions but also being compelled to feel the way she does, so enjoyable and so hot!

    The physical peril fight sequence didn’t last an awful long time but proved that she is very capable of producing the right reactions and real reactions that are compelling and feel right, again I think she did a fantastic job at this for being her first time… probably better than quite a few of the new girls we’ve seen in recent years, very natural reactions not over the top.

    I know the price tag is quite pricey for 20 ish minutes scene but I highly recommend you buy this because you will truly see someone special and someone out of the blue that can do effective SHIP content, has a style that’s unique and eyes that tell stories for the ages.

    I really hope this is the beginning of Harper’s journey into this genre cos she a talent that deserves popularity and time to grow and push herself 🙂

  18. Shadow Shadow says:

    It’s great to see new actresses in the genre. Thank TBFE.

  19. attack and hubris dont look like theyre for me (not a comment on the quality!! i just prefer corruption or perm endings over defeated and the heroine is regretful/sad) but uncontrolled looks like it might be!

    can someone confirm the kinda ending it has? looks like that final pic might be a perm ending. or if not, is it at least a corrupted ending?

    • Ben Ben says:

      They don’t have a spoiler covering tag… Ending of Uncontrolled – Harper is sold to the highest bidder, feeling ashamed of what she has become (a silenced slut) but still conveys that internal struggle with a eyes and body language than I discussed in my review

      • thx for the reply! kinda sounds like the story ends with her looking unhappy or angry, so i might skip for now. and its pretty expensive for 20 minutes as u mentioned in your review above. and i dont wanna sound like its not worth the price, its just that money is super tight so i gotta make sure its the kinda story i love from the genre

  20. 33sp 33sp says:

    Not just one release from TBFE, but three? And a new actress? What a way to celebrate Easter!


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