“Super Sex Toy Part III” From The Battle For Earth


Contains: humiliating wardrobe, Pinocchio nose, leash and collar, live stream to SG’s fans, heroine controlled by doll and forced to rub ice on body/nipples and clean water off table with tongue, doll held over flame with SG feeling the resulting heat, spanking with paddle and riding crop, candle wax dumped on SG and SG’s doll, forced sucking of horse cock while being fingered and spanked, heroine led on leash, forced BJ on Toyman while being fucked by SG doll followed by forced fingering from Toyman’s puppet, forced O, repeated forced admission of submission

Synopsis: There’s nothing fun or playful as Toyman’s puppet continues her assault on poor SG. Wearing SG’s uniform, Toyman’s puppet demonstrates to a live stream just how much humiliation and degradation SG can take. Pushed beyond reality, SG is nothing more than a blubbering sex-starved submissive trying to please both Toyman’s puppet and Toyman himself. Happy Birthday stupid girl. It’s certainly one to remember.

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