SHLoFi: Intruder Tape #04 – Rachel Adams



Length: 57 Minutes
Size: 2K: 4GBs / 1080P: 2GBs


Version Information:

Download comes with: 2K, 1080P downloads of film

Starring:  Rachel Adams / Ben Hill

Synopsis: Ultragirl arrives back to her hotel, evidence in hand of the corrupt criminal the Kingpin. Unable to process the data herself, she begins to change into costume as a means to head back to HQ. Unbeknownst to her – Kingpin has hired Intruder to stop her. Intruder makes quick work of Ultragirl with chloroform, her superpowers working overdrive to keep her conscious. Before Intruder can play with the heroine, he first needs to find the memory card she has stolen.  

  • Actress: Rachel Adams
  • Character: Ultragirl
  • Format: LoFi


Ultragirl has procured some intelligence on a mission and places it into a memory card. While changing/undressing into her costume – she is attacked and chloroformed. Dizzy from the chloroform – the villains strikes are debilitating. Ultragirl succumbs to the attack and overwhelming amount of chloroform she endures. Ultragirl is now unconscious… her villain slowly undresses her to reveal her costume under her civilian outfit. Any signs of life – she is repeatedly chloroformed to keep her under as he has his fun. She is molested, debooted, strangled and her breast are revealed. Ultragirl is allowed to wake up long enough to understand her predicament before its lights out for the heroine.


  • Pantyhose
  • Civilian Outfit (with pantyhose)
  • Attacked while in Civilian Outfit
  • Chloroformed while in Civilian 
  • Extended… very very long… chloroform scene
  • Chloroform heavy film (not joking)
  • Undressed to reveal costume underneath
  • Repeatedly chloroformed to keep unconscious 
  • Belt Removal
  • Molested in costume
  • Debooted
  • Wedgied 
  • Placed in bondage
  • Slight strangulation 
  • Breast revealed
  • Ending: Heroine loses, left unconscious dragged off bed






In case you are wondering – yes, LoFi 04 is out before LoFi 03. The edit on 04 wrapped faster. I could have sat on this film longer to go in chronological order but it isn’t an ongoing storyline so I figured it be alright to jump ahead.

There is no update on my decision with the Ares film yet. Been working hard on some things behind the scenes but theres nothing to report. I know I had originally posted in the first mention of the Ares film I wanted to do reshoots. I also know some of you might hate waiting or feel deceived you have had to wait longer than anticipated. Refunds are always an option if you slighted. Just know – delays are because I am trying to make the product better, as selling something sooner would benefit me, so postponing a release isn’t a financially lucrative decision.

I don’t know there is anything else to report… Sage Pillar will be visiting my neck of the woods soon if you had any interest in getting a LoFi custom of her. I also have been trying to clean up my work area and have come across some relics from my films – if anyone wants to buy a torn Batgirl cowl etc. let me know and maybe I will take pics to sell some items to make more room for future props.

I think that about wraps up this update… hope everyone has been well


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  1. Nemo456 says:

    Any clue yet, as to when you are gonna release Wonder Vs Aires?

  2. Dr G Dr G says:

    Overall a great video ! 🙂


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