Introducing… Super Remote (Coming Soon)

Coming out later this month – a new experimental project from DW.

Steel Claws (Preorder)

Price: $20
Length: 15 Minutes
Size: 1080P

Release Date: Later this month


  • More information to come
  • PG-13 (No nudity)
  • Pantyhose

Ending: Heroine Loses (No death)



Heroine News

Heroine News

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53 Responses

  1. Astral256 says:

    So.. is this coming out?

  2. Curious Consumer says:

    I don’t want to get political but I do need to know if the crew is from Russia. I won’t support Putin and unfortunately that means not supporting Russian citizens, too.

  3. Unk says:

    Are there any low blows?

  4. Unk says:

    Are the low blows?

  5. Bregalad says:

    So this looks really good, fresh, I can’t wait to buy and watch it. I do prefer nudity and hardcore action but there have been many pg-13 movies that are just better because they needed to be. There have been hardcore movies that bring that energy but there’s something about a really well done pg-13 that doesn’t translate to hardcore movies.
    All that to say I hope to see more from this director, and I do hope they include nudity in some of their future productions without giving up the energy they had for this one.

  6. Marcelo Leal says:

    Hey Damien, about Robin film, can you say if It Will happen?

  7. Shadow Shadow says:

    The idea and concept is a very good one. The trailer of this first movie is also interesting but the PG13 isn’t for what I’m looking for in this type of video.

  8. Jax says:

    Love your work , but for some reason the trailer isn’t downloading for me. Anywhere else to view the trailer?

    If not, any chloroform or OTS Carry in this one?

  9. 33sp says:

    The image is way too grainy. I hope the production team will look into adding more lights to their setup next time.

  10. Steve says:

    Impressive achievement to do foreign language films. Look forward to see more maybe from other countries .

  11. Dr G says:

    I liked the preview. The actor/actresses and costumes look great !

  12. swampy170 says:

    Interesting – question though.

    Remotes are specifically foreign language films? Or simply films from other producers of all guises which come under yourself Damien as producer?

    Cool development in any case 🙂

    • SHL SHL says:

      I guess in a limited scope – it’s written and produced by me – and filmed by a ‘remote’ team. As of now – per this film, its specifically was directed by the actress whom it features. It doesn’t necessarily mean foreign language – this film might come out in two versions (subtitled and dubbed). But all things considered – with English speaking countries I would prefer to just go and direct it myself. Like you might read throughout the comments of everyone upset by the length of the film – films would be longer if I was behind the camera. When you’re handing off directing and camera work to a newbie team – they arent going to return a feature length product.

      I have said it before and I will say it again – most of this audience is spoiled rotten by some of the bigger producers. People think it’s easy to roll over and shit out a 50 minute film – it’s not. I even had some stunt guys on TKJ who are use to working on Hollywood sets who were taken back by how fast we were getting through the work as on most productions – you get minutes of useable footage per day… not 30-60 minute short films.

      • Swampy170 says:

        Look forward to seeing how it’s come out 🙂

        A producer (in the traditional sense) can only influence a film so much of course – but the experience and coaching provided can be invaluable.

        One advantage of a newbie crew is they often build huge passion, and come cheap – so can deliver some awesome results. Short perhaps – but the experience of delivering films can fix that.

  13. Lilly says:

    something that would be really helpful is if we could get a better description of the ending. this is an expensive hobby to be in lol so its good to know exactly if its the kind of video we’re looking for. not asking for a detailed moment-by-moment description or anything but like… is she knocked out at the end? or is she corrupted and turned evil? that’d be good to know befrore preorder. thanks!!

  14. TheLecher TheLecher says:

    Hmm… As someone who is pretty much only interested in hardcore, I’ll obviously pass on this one. But I wouldn’t be opposed to buying a hardcore import. I have no problem with subtitles on a foreign language production.

    That’s just for the record. I suspect that all of these imports will be PG-13 or softcore with some nudity – never any hardcore. It that’s the case, then I’ll just wish you good luck with this venture and wait for something else.

  15. SHL SHL says:

    I know some people get heated about politics but just as a heads up – xenophobia won’t be tolerated on this website. If you like to have a debate about political situations in other countries there are more than enough places to do that on the internet, this won’t be one of them.

    This website is for SHIP

    If that bothers you – you can be bothered in the privacy of your own home.

  16. bbsucks says:

    This seems great. Various producers (ALZI, Lady2Fight, etc.) have been doing some really good stuff, lately. This seems like it could be a lot of fun.

  17. Shlamazar says:

    This is a pass from me, PG13 is not what I expect from SHL.

    Also, looks (edited)? Is that correct? (edited)

    • Heroine News Heroine News says:

      It’s not SHL… it’s Super Remote


      • GleebToo GleebToo says:

        well, I kind of hate to be THAT guy as this argument is meaningless, but to Shlamazar’s defense the black screen literally says “a division of SHL” …

        • SHL SHL says:

          SHLoFi / Super Remote / SHL / SHX / Black Label

          These are all divisions of things that I offer to cater to the widest audience possible.

          Technically there are no hardcore SHL videos, those would be considered SHX

          So, not to be THAT guy – the classifications are to add clarity to the product, therefore, there is no reason to expect Super Remote to be SHL content… cause then it just be SHL

          Just like you shouldn’t expect for a SHLoFi video to cost $60 dollars

          IMO comments like this are more so just a way to try to neg someone into behaving how you would like them too. But everyone doesn’t need to like everything. I have people in my customer base that don’t like hardcore content, I have people that only buy hardcore content – I plan to service both

          And I don’t care if that bothers anyone. Just like I don’t care if people hate pantyhose.

          The vote lies ultimately with people’s checkbook. Don’t financially support the content you don’t like sends enough of a message. Telling me you don’t like PG13 content means nothing to me, as most people in the comments who tell me what they DON’T like – have never bought anything from me.

          • GleebToo GleebToo says:

            Thanks for clarification. I get confused by SHL vs SHX sometimes. So I was under impression that SHL is hardcore and division of SHL is world to be hardcore too. It was just striking my nerdy brain thats it.
            BTW reason “I want it PG13” is good enough for me of course 🙂 just reason “its division of SHL” when I thought SHL is hardcore was technically weird. So my apologies and thanks for clarification.

            I cannot speak for others, but me stating that I will pass because of it being PG13 (and too short) even when I like the story has no intention to be negative. I dont wish to rub it in your face or something, lol. I just wish to give you more information so when the sales are bad, you have better idea why. And if the sales are good, you know you have made something truly great because it sells well despite some of your fans expecting hardcore content. This can affect your decision making in the future and I suppose it is good to have idea “why” is something happening? Or at least I would like to have some feedback if I was in your shoes …

            • SHL SHL says:

              You are going to need to post responses that get to the point, my brain turns off halfway reading through it, so if theres a question somewhere in this – I dont even know how to respond to it

              • GleebToo GleebToo says:

                its basically an apology for misunderstanding SHL vs SHX, lol 🙂 and explanation that when I give feedback, it is to give you info in hopes you have info to know why is something happening (good sales, bad sales) instead of just knowing that simply something sold well or bad.

                • SHL SHL says:

                  Most feedback people give is about personal preferences and is rarely ever correlated to sales. My most negative feedback has come from my best selling films.

                  What a lot of people don’t understand is that ‘negative feedback’ is better than apathy aka no feedback. Cause often times people react to something that comes close to nailing what they want but isn’t 100 percent there vs not reacting to something that isn’t on their radar

                  ‘I’m not buying cause its PG13’ isn’t really feedback as much as its stating personal preference. I have made softcore films that outsold hardcore films. I have made hardcore films that have barely recovered their production cost. One of my best selling films in the last ten years was PG13

                  There are too many variables about why someone will or won’t buy – the character, the actress, the actress not fitting the character, the costume isnt shiny enough, bare legs vs pantyhose, the content, the graphic content, the length of a film, the cost of a film, wether or not the economy is bad, the time of year (tax season being the worse), a supergirl film after tons of supergirl releases, new exciting talent, old proven talent

                  You throw all those things into a blender and you either get a film that sells or doesn’t. But I can promise you this

                  No one with any degree of certainty is going to be able to tell you why a film sold or not.

                  There are certain kinds of feedback I am open too – want more descriptions in sales page of content shown, want more inner dialogue of the heroines inner voice, punches could sound better, costume looks like shit, panties could be cut higher – etc

                  There are others that I am NOT willing to consider – I want hardcore, I want softcore, I hate sex, I hate thick models, I hate thin models, I hate pantyhose, I hate blondes, blah blah blah

                  My only meter when it comes to the work that I make is this – do I find it exciting. And if I do – I am going to make it. If I don’t… I won’t

                  I offer a variety of films from the $20 dollar range to the $100 dollar range. I cover everything from light fetish to Joker getting his brains blown out.

                  Anyone telling me they won’t buy it cause it’s PG13 means absolutely nothing to me. I buy NGC almost on a weekly basis. I like PG13 films. I will make more of them.

                  It’s not really feedback – its personal preference. And theres too many of you to worry about 20 peoples personal taste just cause you commented. Almost 90+ percent of my customers never appear in the comment section in general – think about that. Most of my customers you literally don’t know and don’t know they exist. In fact – I have no clue what they want but

                  They buy my films. And the least I can do to make the most amount of people happy is to make sure I find the work that I am making exciting. Thats it.

                  • GleebToo GleebToo says:

                    Ok, I can certainly respect that. And I totally respect your desire yo do films you like. 100%. 1000% actually. Even if I wont like that film for some stupid reason (actress too thick or too softcore, or movie produced in wrong country). And I totally understand there is problem with loud minority outvoicing silent majority.

                    To me almost everything is personal preference, even “more inner dialogue”, “more description” as others may not want to read descriptions too long and find the info they actually consider relevant etc. or inner dialogue can be distracting to someone or punches sound is perfect for someone or exaggerated (or too silent) for others.

                    Lets end this with “I am looking forward Ares, I am looking forward all Black Label Projects” as these are not feedback but are on the positive side and thats how this convo should end I think. And maybe “I am looking forward anything with interesting with character development or psychological development (eg pushing good heroine into being bad slut or just an evil villain and stuff like that). With story, inner dialogue and many orgasms and nice tits involved.”

                    Not sure if thats relevant feedback :/ I am not philosopher, as you said in other thread I am here to cum, lol 🙂

                    Take care

  18. GleebToo GleebToo says:

    Love the story but in this format (short, no sex, not even nudity, …) it is a pass from me.

  19. Elevete says:

    the scene where they take off her boot is amazing!

  20. Heroine News Heroine News says:

    Updated with trailer

  21. Jumper Prime says:

    Just noticed the red text just below the main text in the picture: “A Division of SHL” So Super Remote isn’t just one video? A new way of doing things, similar to but different from stuff like Lo-Fi and Black Label? Some sorta interactive thing? SHIP videos where you can direct the story, choosing from pre-recorded scenes with a click like a full-motion Choose Your Own Adventure?

    • GleebToo GleebToo says:

      As of now it can be anything, eg what you suggest, or second shooting place (like a franchise), or movies focused on psycho games (like literally remote control on supers), or anything else …

  22. Dude says:

    While I was hoping for WW vs Ares I know his projects are always worth the wait. I’m very curious though about this experimental project since Damien always try to do different things. This man won’t rest until he takes all my money.

  23. Shlamazar says:

    We are still waiting on WW v Ares and the mystery actress announcement from that? That you announced in November then never addressed?

    • queensw says:

      I think he mentioned last year during preorder that it could take 1-2 yrs, so not unexpected.

      • Shlamazar says:

        He made a post on 2nd Feb saying that more info would come soon but it would not be released that month due to his desire for reshoots.

        Nothing about 1-2 years has been mentioned at all?

    • Heroine News Heroine News says:

      Couple points to address in this comment thread

      1. Wonder vs Ares is coming in the very near future
      2. Black Label Wonder Woman had the multiple year turnaround process
      3. There has been multiple updates since November regarding the status of ‘Ares’
      4. ‘Ares’ is still being cooked, the process is taking longer than expected cause the hope is its success and profits will directly feed the Black Label Wonder Woman films production budget.
      5. May will probably have multiple SHL releases – none of them will be ‘Ares’
      6. HeroineMovies shitting the bed and having to make this site delayed ‘Ares’, cause I couldn’t plan to promote a film while the platform for promoting the film was caving inside out. It would be like releasing a blockbuster film while all the theatre’s are closed.

      • Dude says:

        That is an incredibly fair point for anyone who is upset about it being delayed. You can’t release the film and have the sales dictate the black label budget if the previous website had gone to shit. Such a shame that delayed it but perfectly understandable

  24. Shzam Shzam says:

    Keen! But now i’m just in suspense 🙁

    Will say this seemed buried with all the recent posts. Didnt notice it till a saw a recent comment.

  25. Shadow Shadow says:

    Super Remote? A live SHIP? 🙂

  26. ClearScreen says:

    You’re killing me here! Just a hint?


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