Ravaged II From The Battle For Earth

Contains: face punches, backhands, belly punch, uppercut, whipping, anal beads, low blows, costume transformation, green arousal saturation visual effect, arousal liquid, live heroine auction, edging, multiple forced orgasms in various positions, forced fucking multiple positions, forced BJ on strap on, Hitachi, fucking machine, bomb threat controlled by pace of dildo being sucked, ball gag, heroine covered in cum

Synopsis: Redwing’s encounter with Selene and Nova continues. Their goal is finally revealed: To sell Red into sexual slavery to the highest bidder in a live auction. Before this can happen, every bit of fight/defiance must be removed, and Red has to be turned into a stupid, super-slut. That is exactly what happens, and nothing of the once proud heroine is recognizable when the auction starts.

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6 Responses

  1. D_Hoffryn D_Hoffryn says:

    Solid movie. The thing most noticeable about it is the debut of Caralynn Rose as a villainess. She looks great in this film, and she does a very good job with the dialogue, hits the right tone for her lines. I hope we’ll see more of that soon.

  2. Hual Hual says:

    overall, this looks like a fantastic release. I am always hesitant to buy a part I before I saw footage from Part II. In this case, I can confidently say it’s looking awesome. Sadly, my budget does not allow to buy it…

  3. Heroine News Heroine News says:

    Updated with trailer

  4. Droxillian says:

    Wow – that was fantastic! Coco was magnificent and perfect for the role, as were Ophelia and Caralynn Rose. I only wish the ‘epilogue’ scene was longer, but otherwise it was perfect!

  5. Jantor says:

    Really enjoyed the first half. Certain I will enjoy this one too!

    Quick question though, in the previews in future releases fir the first half, Coco was in this really hot black lingerie/bodysuit. Did that get cut? Or is that now in this half? Please don’t tell me its been cut!


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