Zatanna: Feud of Zatara

Hey gang,

Zatanna: Feud of Zatara has been RELEASED! Thank you for your patience, I truly do appreciate it. That being said…

The current release will NOT contain Voice Over audio. In the near future (when Alex Coal is feeling better) I will send a new copy with Voice Over work included (internal monologue). So if purchase the film today, you will receive a download at a later date of the updated film (if internal monologues are your thing). 

If you are a PREORDER customer check your inbox and spam folder for a download link.



Price: $60
Length: 1 Hour and 6 Minutes
Size: 4K HEVC: 15GBs / 1080P: 3.75GBs


An old friend (Dante) unexpectedly shows up to Zatanna’s Magic Show, catching her eye in the middle of her performance. After the show they catch up… Dante has found a potential lead to finding Zatanna’s missing father. 

Their reunion is interrupted when a disgruntled Mage (Zorison) attacks Dante. The Mage has history with her father and her family tree… a debt is owed and he wants blood.  


1 Hour and 6 minutes

  • Hands behind back ‘beat down’ scene starts at 11 minutes, ends at 19 minute marker 
  • (Includes tons of body shots with her gagged, then a few throat shots to render her vocals useless)
  • Hardcore scene starts at 25 marker
  • Oral throughout hardcore scene
  • Vaginal insertion at 39 marker 
  • Boots off at 53 minute marker
  • Final hardcore scene is 2 on 1
  • Zatanna’s costume has pantyhose under the fishnets
  • Fishnets crotch and pantyhose crotch are torn open in separate shots in film (closeup)
  • Zatanna’s costume only features high heels for intro of film
  • Breasts are exposed, corset stays on
  • Zatanna gets beat down with arms behind back
  • Zatanna gets choked and gag to prevent her spell casting
  • Bear-hugged from behind while on hands and knees
  • KO’ed before hardcore scene from bearhug
  • No over the shoulder shots
  • 3 punches to crotch with one payoff 
  • Unconscious for 6 minutes of oral
  • END SPOILERS: Zatanna wins 

For the sake of transparency… I never read Zatanna growing up. So before I decided to take on this film I decided to watch as much as I could about her on Youtube to catch up. So… if you want to appreciate the smaller details in my film I’d recommend checking out the link below

Youtube Link:


Throughout the month of May ‘Wonder Woman: The Harvest’ featuring Alina Lopez will be on sale for $40 down from $60. I forgot to end the sale… so I will keep it going until the end of June.


I decided to start utilizing my OnlyFans account. It will be free and contain things like BTS photos from shoots and the like. I don’t know how often I will post there, but figured it might be a fun way to use media I haven’t known what to do with as of this point in time. Might release something for free there this summer that will be exclusive to the site.

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