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Hey Everybody!

First off, I’m glad to be making our inaugural post here at HeroineNews!

For those who may not know me, I am a superheroine fetish producer. My content are parodies for ages 21+ featuring explicit content and softcore pornographic scenarios. My movies can be purchased at LeeCarlProductions.com & SHG-Media.com.

The first update is that we currently have two Kira Fox Bat-films in the can and going through post production. Some screens can be seen below.

Now to the next update! This Spring, we’ll be bringing back Alicia to film the next video in the Fallen Angel saga! That’s right, we’re not quite done with her yet. I’ve got 2 more shoots planned before bringing the Fallen Angel saga to it’s ultimate conclusion. But fret not, Alicia isn’t going anywhere.

Finally, we’ll be filming with some new talent, this Summer. We will be bringing you a new “Superior Girl”, separate from what you’ve seen in Fallen Angel, as well as our take on a “Black Canary” type character.

I’m also hoping to film a Scarlet Witch-style video in time for Halloween with Alicia. It will have a bit of a horror styling to it.

We’re looking forward to getting a bunch of fun releases out this year!

Website: LeeCarlProductions.com

Email: leecarlproductions@gmail.com
Twitter: LeeCarlProducti
IG: lee_carl_films

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32 Responses

  1. Elevete says:

    Hi, any news from fallen angel?

  2. Lee Carl Lee Carl says:

    Another quick update. For more screens, LeeCarlProductions.com is now updated. Trailer should still be coming tomorrow.

  3. Lee Carl Lee Carl says:

    Quick update. Broken Bat 2, officially titled “Broken Bat 2: Villains United”, is now for sale at SHG-Media.com. The rest of my night will be spent putting together promotion which should ideally go up tomorrow, along with screens and trailers, as well as getting LeeCarlProductions.com updated.

    Please be patient, we will get the promotional materials up as soon as possible.

    • Shzam Shzam says:

      All good bought purely on faith!

    • brandon says:

      ooooh been waiting for this! huge fan of your stuff! 2 questions for u if you dont mind:

      1) is this the conclusion to Broken Bat? i like to wait until all parts out until buying a story
      2) if it is, can u say what kind of ending it is? (defeated and sad / corrupted or mind broken / death) i dont need a trailer for ur stuff but i do like knowing if its the kind of ending i enjoy

  4. Hound Hound says:

    Hi Lee Carl! Can you please move the updates for Starshine over to here as well? Been checking the other site, but it was taken over by bots in the comments so no help. Here now on the news for good. Thanks and any new info/previews would be always appreciated!

  5. Bobby F Bobby F says:

    Looking forward to continuing entries in both Kira Fox Bat-films and more of the Fallen Angel entries… you all do great work! Also seconding the motion for more horror-style entries. Can’t wait to see what you’ve got planned for us.

  6. Ben Ben says:

    Also i love the idea of SHIP going into Horror

    it feels like a natural fit and I would love to see a few other producers dabble in something like that. Luciafilm did it a few years ago with nightmare. but I’d love to see other producers really go into horror fully, and mix that with physical and sexual peril

  7. Ben Ben says:

    Definitely intrigued by the Scarlet Witch-style video with Alicia you got planned. as I said I did enjoy the darkest place movie so I’m definitely excited to enjoy another one of yours, Hopefully it can be shot more with the Darkest Place

    Glad to see Kira Fox available to shoot or DCF and TBFE. Hopefully people can maybe shoot some content with her very soon, I’m just very excited by her and I want to try and fall in love with a scene of hers very quickly

  8. Supereric4$ Supereric4$ says:

    That cool and wonderful update keep it up good work.

  9. Lucia Films Lucia Films says:

    I love the lighting in these!!! I am such a sucker for coloured lighting, lol. Practically a fetish unto itself.

  10. Depo Man Depo Man says:

    This looks crazy good. Exciting news about future releases too

  11. Hual Hual says:

    that sounds pretty cool! I’m very excited for the Scarlet Witch video, she seems to be highly under-represented

  12. ClearScreen ClearScreen says:

    These all sound fantastic. I swear I heard my wallet let out a little whimper as I was reading…

  13. Shadow Shadow says:

    This BatGirl costume is really a very good one and Kira fits well the this role. I’m looking forward all these futures movies with these so good talents.

  14. Ferrari93 Ferrari93 says:

    Nice update, i can’t wait to see the fallen angel series return, the last one was top tier, especially the ending. Any plans for any of them being F/F?

    • ME92 ME92 says:

      I’m with you on that last part, there’s been a few producers over the years that seem to have had insane production on their movies making me want to try them out but that I’ve had to skip out on due to that fact. It’s tough to be in the F/F boat sometimes, lucky for you that you can enjoy both. Hopefully one day

  15. SX SX says:

    Check out LeeCarl’s twitter for the new talent for summer. Looking forward to it!

  16. TheLecher TheLecher says:

    Well, darn. I’m really liking how Kira Fox looks as Batgirl in your last couple of releases, but I just don’t have any interest in softcore.

    Let me know if you ever shoot her in a hardcore film as Batgirl.

  17. Shzam Shzam says:

    Wow great updates! Bad news is you just made me inpatient for everything coming 🙂

    Glad to hear Alicia is coming back, dream (know it would be expensive) would be for a “world’s finest” film with kira batgirl and Alicia supergirl in one movie!

    • Lee Carl Lee Carl says:

      This would be really fun, and I’ve thought about it. I’ve also wanted to do a full-on Birds-of-Prey film featuring Canary, Huntress, and Batgirl. But both scenarios would require some pre-funding to justify the extra cost.

  18. SHG Admin SHG Admin says:

    Hey Lee Carl!! Good to see you here!! Future stuff sounds really great!

  19. UltraHeroix UltraHeroix says:

    HIya! Glad you’re here!

  20. SHL SHL says:

    Welcome aboard, all of that sounds exciting!


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