Batgirl: Double-Crossed

Price: $60
Length: 52 Minutes (not including 2nd ending)
Size: 4K HEVC: 20GBs / 1080P: 3.5GBs



Batgirl interrupts an alleyway robbery before being ambushed by a 2nd thug. Handling them both with ease she lets her guard down and soon fines herself being dragged into the locker room of a boxing gym. She’s about to receive a lesson in humility. 

Film comes with a win/lose ending. Fair warning: the ‘win’ ending is dark. 



52 minutes

  • Stars: Abbie Maley
  • 3 V 1
  • Contains: Win/Lose Ending
  • Leotard with Pantyhose
  • 10 Minutes (setup/fight) before Hardcore scene begins
  • The fight is very ‘to the point’ they don’t give a gratuitous amount of beatdown when she loses her edge
  • Spoiler (Highlight text): She’s tricked by a bait and switch victim, gets drugged when she thinks she’s safe  
  • Spoiler for Dark Win Ending (Highlight text): Batgirl grabs the bad guys weapon on the floor and ends them
  • ‘Over the shoulder’ shot
  • Backbreaker fight ender
  • Multiple KOs (one during hardcore scene)
  • Hardcore scene starts at 10 marker
  • Oral throughout hardcore scene
  • She’s tied to bench during oral scene for 14 minutes
  • Vaginal insertion at 25 marker 
  • Boots off at 38 minute marker
  • Breast exposed at 46 minute marker and 48 minute marker
  • Unmasking Scene – Midpoint during hardcore scene at 33 minute marker
  • Partially KOed for small portion of hardcore scene – very very brief
  • Real cum shots – no fake fluid



If the Bat isn’t quite your style for the month of August ‘Supergirl Therapy’ will be on sale for $30 dollars (Normal Price $50) Click the below link to read more about Melody Marks Supergirl film.

Abbie Maley / Supergirl

For those of you who missed it, Abbie was previously in my Supergirl film at the end of 2020, link below


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