“The Audition” From The Battle For Earth

Contains: belly punch, head butt, knees, kicks, tons of low blows, breast torture – squeezing, punching, knees, and barbed bat used to squish, brass knuckles, sledge hammer, forced masturbation, forced fucking with strap-on, dildo rammed into pussy

Synopsis: Vixen is Guardian Thorne’s slave and fulfills her every whim. She has ambitions to become a Guardian herself but Vixens can’t become Guardians. Vixen reveals her dreams to Thorne and to her surprise, Thorne tells her there is an audition process to become a Guardian. Thorne tells Vixen she’ll need to endure the worst kind of torture and even beg for more before she could be found worthy. Vixen submits and Thorne doesn’t hold back. Vixen takes the beating and even begs for more before Thorne grows bored. Does Vixen become worthy enough to turn into a Guardian or is Thorne just toying with her.

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10 Responses

  1. John Morgan says:

    Oh man, I’ve always wanted a video where the villainess has the tables turned on her. Kayla is stunning and I’m glad we’re getting more videos with her as the jobber. She’s a smokeshow and does a great job playing any role. I would’ve liked to see more sexual torture in the video, maybe an extra 5-10min. I know this isnt everyones cup of tea but this was a great production to me.

  2. Andros says:

    edited for irrelevence.

  3. Passing on this one seems would rather have a heroine video, this doesn’t really seem like one tbh

  4. Droxillian says:

    I love Ophelia and Kayla but this release left me cold. The premise had promise, but the small amount of nudity and sex left me disappointed. I can’t blame TBFE as the screenshots clearly show what to expect.

  5. jake says:

    dunno about this one, it’s not even really a heroine video lol

    • Hual Hual says:

      that’s my only issue with this one, it’s more like a villain vs villain story, and I never want to see a villain loose…
      Even though they look sexy as hell and the contains are very intriguing, I think I’ll wait for the next sale to pick this one up

  6. Ferrari93 says:

    Looks hot, how much of the video is there of fucking?

  7. Hual Hual says:

    wow, a double-release, how cool is that?


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