STARSHINE – Episode 1 – New Release from Rye UK!

New release from Rye UK, Starshine Episode 1 is now available!

It can be purchased at

After defeating Mercy on live TV Starshine finds herself in a twisted legal battle with the arch criminal that has her agent considering less than ideal ways to pay for her defense. Starshine tries to stay focused on doing her annual TV show “Self defense for Women” but one of Mercy’s soldiers hyped up on GEL crashes the party and challenges Starshine to a fight. The goon attacks her without warning and they go back and forth landing strikes. Mercy’s soldier slowly gets the advantage as he appears to be a little faster and stronger than Starshine! The gorgeous blonde heroine finds herself on the receiving end of a very humiliating beat down. She fights back at every chance but Starshine is simply out matched by the latest batch of GEL. Showing no mercy, the villain attacks Starshine’s most vulnerable area and the tables really turn for the worst. Starshine is punched, kicked, and tossed all over the dojo as the villain has his way with her.

This movie contains beatdowns, bear hugs, back breakers, low blows, many KO’s, battle damage, crushing, ground and pound, hair pulling, several MMA holds, belly kicks, and more!  

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57 Responses

  1. 33sp says:

    When will Episode 2 come out?

  2. F L says:

    Those colors remind me of one of Rye´s fav videos of mind, Frame of Mind 1!!

    The heroine back in that vid was inspired by Moonstone from Marvel but still was primarily white and gold, with a leotard rather than a full catsuit like her comic counterpart, so overall very similar style to Starshine here! That costume was fantastic and few have matched it even if it only had one outing

    Seems this is more of a beatdown than a peril focused vid so it´s right up my alley too!

  3. deathcake says:


    Is there any other way to buy this, than through SHG-media? The whole netcode thing really sucks… Reset my password, never got a link, so created a new account. now i need to wait up to 48 hours


  4. Expertless says:

    Hi, how any rate this flick? It is good as Superverse? Or eye of beholder? Thanks!

  5. Yolho says:

    Yeah so I’ve finally watched this and I wasn’t massively impressed. I absolutely love the Rye UK stuff I think it’s up there with storytelling and peril and good old beatdowns.

    However this one just wasn’t it for me I can’t put the finger on one particular thing but this one just lacked in creativity, I don’t even know why she was doing self defence classes, her agent don’t know what her agenda was. Don’t know what Mercy’s motive was besides revenge which just seemed too insignificant.

    Girl was gorgeous, costume was sexy and it was a good beatdown but lacked pro longed peril for me, everything was too fast paced in this one. Didn’t really give us time to enjoy the peril as it went from one attack to the other sharply.

    Disappointing I’m afraid I would tune in for part 2 if there is one but no real excitement for this.

    Same question as everyone else though is that the final RYE UK Video ever?

  6. 33sp says:

    This is a historical release. This is the first time an NGC actress stars in a Rye production

    • bbsucks says:

      The girl who plays Angel in NGC is in 3 or 4 Rye videos and the girl who plays Deceptress is in one, too.

      If you’re a fan of the NGC girls, definitely check out Villain’s United-UK. It’s a classic.

      • 33sp says:

        Really? The deceptress actress too? Which videos were they in?

        • bbsucks says:

          If you go to and sort by just Rye movies, it’s all on page 5 and 6.

          – Interface
          – Thine Own Self
          – Villain’s United UK II
          – Villain’s United UK

          – Avenger vs. Galaxsis

          Like I said before, Villain’s United UK is an all-time favorite of mine. But the Galaxsis one with the Deceptress actress is definitely pretty good, too.

          That’s why I was so excited about this Starshine release. It definitely hangs with some of the awesome Rye UK videos of the past.

        • F L says:

          The Deceptress actress and her first costume became my all time fav combo from NGC, but sadly the video she is for the Rye (Avenger vs Galaxis) is not the best simply cause she was just starting so her acting wasn´t the best. Felt like she was more annoyed than in pain sometimes and her performance lacked energy overall

          Still looks fantastic in that costume so if you are a big fan of her take a look

          • F L says:

            Also just noticed this is the actress who played Alias! thanks for the tip I would have missed it otherwise!

            Sadly I think she is not making more SHIP videos, I remember reading recently about it in a QnA that NGC made

  7. Andros says:

    Sexy girl. Shame she doesn’t get more naked. Reminds me of the video with Cassidy McWilliams, another mega babe who never realized her full potential in the genre.

  8. el goodo el goodo says:

    How are the low blows? That would be the main tipping point for me to purchase but i’m always really disappointed when the heroine undersells the low blows.

  9. Dr G says:

    Overall I liked it. The acting, jokes, story, fight scenes and the visual quality were all great. Episode 1 is more geared to beatdown fans I think. Can’t wait for episode 2 !

  10. I dig the actress and the costume. Cool premise too. 2 questions:
    —How does it end?
    —It says this is Rye UK’s final production, does that mean there’s no episode 2?

  11. Ben Ben says:

    In the trailer is says this is Rye UK’s Final Production… So does that mean there are no more updates?

    What about this scene

    has this been lost forever?

    • L.B. says:

      This is exactly the question I want to ask… Villains United Superverse is one of the best videos I’ve ever seen. Hope it is not lost forever.

      • Ben Ben says:

        And i’d still like to know the name of the women who stars in Villains United Superverse.

        Its one of my favourites too. I’d like to see what other things shes done, In this fetish world and outside modelling etc

        And the women who plays the one of the thugs looks familiar too. I think shes a mainstream actor or something. I know her from somewhere, just want picture it

    • 33sp says:

      That’s probably Rye USA not Rye UK

  12. Fletcher Fletcher says:

    Rye has consistently shown a steady hand on creating some of the best peril narratives Ive ever seen regardless if they are pg 13 or not. Its a shame to find out their hanging up the camera for now but I hope they remain the community to pass on production advice. I sure hope to see a part two to this script perhaps with more sexual peril but still model looks amazing. Costume looks amazing. I hope we see this heroine again.

    • bbsucks says:

      While I would also love to see some sexual peril with this character, I suspect it’s not going to happen (again, based on the UK laws, and who the actress is). My big hope for a sequel (assuming “episode 1” implies there will be an episode 2) is a losing ending. Rye UK films have done some great losses. And that I don’t think is outside the realm of possibilities. But we shall see. Will be buying whatever gets released in this series, either way.

      • Phil says:

        Who is the actress? I feel like i recognise her and should know but can’t put my finger on it… especially with being from the UK

  13. 33sp says:

    Which year was this filmed?

  14. darknatebat says:

    Instabuy! I’ve been waiting for this one for years!!! Would love if there was another episode but doubt it would happen since the original never released. Love the actress who played Alias at NGC

  15. Lee Carl Lee Carl says:

    Here is the trailer:

    And yes, Rye UK content is and has always been PG13.

    • Fletcher Fletcher says:

      Hi Lee I aware you’ve ended up the curator of Rye’s last production and I was curious as to what is meant by episode 1? Do you intend to keep furthering the plot of this series with another actor where you run the production?

  16. blackjebus blackjebus says:

    Hopefully episode 2 will feature more sexual content

  17. Lee Carl Lee Carl says:

    Trailer will be up later today. I will post a link when it’s up.

  18. bbsucks says:

    This was so good. Best SHIP movie I’ve seen in a while. These Rye-UK videos have always done a really good job of making the peril really dramatic and impactful. The ONLY issue I have is that I was ready to see a different ending… but hey, episode 1 implies an episode 2!

    • joe says:

      how does it end for starshine in this vid? is it a cliffhanger or do we get some sort of ending where she corrupted or killed

  19. Alfonz Alfonz says:

    Softcore? Hardcore? No trailer?

  20. Shikhar Bhardwaj says:

    Why is there no trailer? I’ll still buy but a preview wouldn’t hurt

  21. Jack says:

    Insta-buy, Rye UK really knows their stuff and glad to see this is released! Didn’t know there were 2 parts

  22. Bly says:

    dunno about this one. all the images look the same, doesnt seem like theres a lot going on here. doesnt seem like theres much of an end given part 1 either. given the horrible quality of rye stuff for the last year and a half and this being only part 1, ill at least wait for part 2 before giving it a shot. (also why cant we enlarge pics??)

    • Hual Hual says:

      it seems a little repetetive after watching the trailer. For a complete PG-13 movie, considering the runtime, this seems a little too expensive for my taste. If there would ever be another sale, I might pick this up. Until then, let’s see what part 2 will show us


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