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Starshine teams up with channel 4 news to make a documentary about her encounters with Mercy. During the filming 2 thugs attack Starshine out of nowhere and manage to take her down with chloroform on live TV. She is carried off and later wakes up in her bed while her agent brings her in some tea. Starshine learns that her agent paid the attackers to assault her in hopes of gaining some sympathy from the public as Mercy continues exploring criminal charges with the DA. A very angry Starshine lashes out at her agent Gloria but she hits right back with the reality check of potential prison time. Gloria sets up a meeting with Mercy and the DA to come to terms for Mercy to drop the charges, and his price is a humiliating punished heroines photoshoot. After the DA confirms he thinks he can win in a jury trial, Starshine reluctantly agrees to do the photoshoot with Mercy. At first it appears to be embarrassing photos of Mercy dominating Starshine but he starts adding in some real pain from time to time. After many positions and holds Starshine is bound AOH while Mercy reveals his true intentions and punches and slaps the gorgeous heroine around. She tries to use her powers but Mercy lined all the wires with lead rendering Starshine mortal with only her fighting skills. Mercy dominates the beautiful blonde, punishing her with a wide variety of humiliating attacks until Starshine is KO’d and laid out on a table. Mercy injects her with some GEL to make the fight more interesting giving Starshine a temporary advantage but Mercy turns the tables back in his favor overpowering Starshine and physically defeating her over and over. Mercy breaks her back over and over until Starshine is paralyzed and carried off to her new life as a slave.

This movie contains beat downs, low blows, many back breakers, front and rear bearhugs, slaps, belly hits, multiple KOs, bondage, chloroform, OTS carry, blood, bone breaking, paralyzation, and more!

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26 Responses

  1. Ꮇy relativeѕ always say that I am wasting my time here at web,
    but I know I am getting knowleԁge all the time by reading such good posts.

  2. JF95 says:

    Well the bots are back…

  3. Yolho says:

    Finally got to see this and can admit this was definitely better than part 1. They really took their time with the peril aspects in this one it wasn’t just a quick transition from move to move. Enjoyed the story elements in this one as well, her agent became more untrustworthy as it went along.

    Final question though is there any more RYE-UK releases left?

    • LB says:

      I believe there’s another Villains united superverse video. That’s reason why I come here every day, waiting for this video.

  4. F L says:

    That actress was honestly fantastic and managed to range from cute to straight up sexy depeding on the costume or situation!

    Sad to know she left the genre apparently but at least we got these gems and some of her work with NGC was excellent as well!

  5. Anon says:

    Can’t decide between this one and part 2. Acting looks better in this one but it’s hard to tell from the trailers.

  6. Sadistasasas says:

    Is there any update on the Eye of the Beholder 2. This thread talks about it but nothing concrete after that?

    • 33sp says:

      I don’t recall any stills from the film being teased or hinted at. So I suppose the “talks” never materialized?

  7. 33sp says:

    This is sheer incredible. An actress who is otherwise mostly seen on actual TV, takes the role of a vulnerable heroine seriously. The sexual peril in this felt so realistic, as if the actress herself would be exposed to such sexual fantasies had she been photographed in such scenarios. Should be rewatched and remade in the decades to come. Masterpiece.

  8. redmanx says:

    What is the name of the actress playing Starshine?

  9. 33sp says:

    Is there going to be an ep 3?

  10. Heroine News Heroine News says:

    Updated with trailer

  11. darknatebat says:

    This was an instant buy for me based on the girl. She sells everything really well especially with facial emotion. The girl is absolutely gorgeous in episode 2 and hopefully there’s another(?). The middle part of the video where she was used a toy was a little lackluster, but again the actress does a great job throughout. Would’ve enjoyed more fighting at the end but again the girl was the star that shined in the video

  12. Any update on when/if we’ll see the sequel to “Villains United UK (SuperVerse)”?

  13. LB says:

    Yes, I liked it a lot. But to be honest, I expected much more beating. In episode 1, she gets beaten up a lot more. Here, Mercy has her as a toy and does almost nothing except for a few slaps and punches to the stomach. Disappointing for me. He could have tortured her much more. But… she is so beautiful. The few hits she gets he sells at 110%.

    • bbsucks says:

      I’m kind of in the same boat. Ultimately, I did like it. But I feel like the first one set a really high bar that this one didn’t quite clear.

      I have a theory (that could be 100% wrong): The space this was filmed in seemed pretty unique. Some fun props and stuff but maybe not ideal for lighting/having the space to do more fight choreography. It also seemed like a place that would have people in it, so I wonder if it was rented and time was short. Again, though… I could be full of crap.

  14. Expertless says:

    🤩 wow


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