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Hi Folks!

We are back with Bella Luxx as Powerdame as she takes on the villainess, Madame Asp played by Greasy Rose.

In this story: The mayor has been poisoned and in order to save him she must capture Madame Asp to get the antidote. Unfortunately, Powerdame also falls victim to the fiends toxic claws and bites! Our heroine must find a way to survive if she is to save the mayor and bring Madame Asp to justice!

In this video, there are:

  • Poisoned
  • Groped
  • Suffer from a low blow
  • Crushed by the villainess legs
  • Tortured with submission moves
  • Knocked out via punches and poisons
  • Debooted
  • Foot torture
  • Bitten
  • Clawed/Scratch
  • Over the shoulder carry


Producer and film-maker of Superheroine videos for UltraHeroix.com

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5 Responses

  1. saxman314 saxman314 says:

    She looks great!

  2. SGFan SGFan says:

    First off the things I loved, Madame Asp was such a sexy and amazing villainess. Greasy Rose did a fantastic job, and I loved her look, attitude and way she performed. Please…please have the character and actress in the role back for a future vid! Bella Luxx as Powerdame was great, she has such a heroic look, and love her costume. Some good bits of her weak and growing helpless. I’m a big fan of poisonous/venomous villains making a heroine weak via their toxic nature, so this video really hit that niche for me which I loved.

    The main downside in this was the audio in the first half. It was disappointing to not being able to hear the actresses, especially when they’re describing the big reveal, that Asp’s claws can hurt Powerdamme and give a nice dose of venom/poison. Things did get better as the vid went on, but it’s kind of a disappointment that there were audio issues. The second bit of constructive feedback, the music has to be dialed down or cut back to more specific parts. I really wanted to enjoy some stretches where Powerdamme was nice and helpless at Asp’s hands but…the damn soundtrack just wouldn’t stop. Maybe if the music varied a bit but it was same all throughout and again, I want to hear the performances and everything. Not that there shouldn’t be no music, but it needs to be used at the right time and never get in the way of what’s on screen. It reminded me of a few TV shows I’ve seen where the score suddenly is so loud and stuff, I can’t follow what the actors are saying.

    I apologize if this comes off as negative, and it’s not intended to be negative for just that sake. It’s just this isn’t the early days of doing vids, and some of these issues really do impact my enjoyment of the content. I still enjoy this and like its an 8/10 but it could have been a 10/10.

    I loved the actresses, the costumes, the perils, all great…just hope that some of the technical stuff can be improved.

  3. UltraHeroix UltraHeroix says:

    I am really proud of this one. We have tried a few new things, we haven’t done before and I think it came out great! If you’ve seen the video, please share your feedback! Thanks!


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