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Addressing Piracy

Hello my fellow heroine fans,

I noticed an uptick regarding piracy with the content I make. Traditionally I expect such behavior to occur as… that’s the way of the internet. But recently the speed at which the leaks occurred was unnerving. The next couple films I will be releasing this year are some of the most expensive and high production work I have ever released so the idea that I wouldn’t be able to cover production cost before I watched my content get stolen is… well, criminal.

With regards to the future of this website (as of now which will be ending sometime this year) I have considered a couple options about how to proceed forward as a producer who would like to not go bankrupt from criminal behavior.

Scenario One: Create a Bubble

In this scenario, unless you were a member of my mailing list / hidden website… you will not be given access to even have the option to purchase my content. In reality I don’t need a single sale outside of my mailing list to survive. So, outside of the bubble the internet at large would no longer have visibility of anything I make, am making, or releasing… ever again. DUN DUN DUN

Scenario Two: Bubble / Bubble Break

Same concept as before with a one month buffer between releases date and public access. So members of the mailing list have an option to buy one month before wide release. That way I can more comfortably cover my production costs.

Scenario Three: Preorder Goal to Bubble Break

Film will be publicly released as a preorder and would not be accessible to download until the community hit a certain number of sales. That way covering my production cost would be guarnteed and no single customer would have access to the data before any other.

What do you guys think?

To be very honest with you guys… I am getting a bit tired of this piracy shit. We are a relatively small community, so this behavior feels more personal than say: if I was a pop star selling to a million people. What is the psychology of someone who feels they have the right to barter/trade/and give away this content as if you had the authority to do it? Don’t you understand that the behavior can simply mean some of us producers just walk away from the business altogether?

My customer base is small enough that if I choose too I could make buying my films significantly different than its been before but I don’t think the lot of you would appreciate it. Identity verification to have access to a hidden website via: Drivers License etc. and watermarking all content given so that anyone who chooses to post content illegally can be directly identified.

And while I am so appreciative of everyone who chooses to do things the right way and pay to play, the only way my content gets leaked is from the bad apples in the bunch who pay upfront and stab in the back.

As of now my plan is to only release the Batgirl film to anyone who has signed up for my Newsletter prior to this announcement. Below is a link to sign up to my Newsletter but if you are signing up now you will not be a part of wave one of hidden content releases. At least not until I have an actionable plan on how to address how my films of 2021 will be unrolled and released.

But the system in place as of now isn’t working for me. And any of you who choose to trade and barter our content should be ashamed of yourselves. If I have an option to never sell to you again and I come up with a plan to make it happen, I will.




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