SHLoFi – First Look

I decided to move forward with Claire Irons as Supergirl for my first LoFi release. The general vibe of this first LoFi film is – Supergirl looks for bad guy in his hotel room, he is waiting and is using cameras to film himself humiliating her. There isn’t any simulated sex (outside of an implied sex ending). There isn’t a choreographed fight scene (she takes a couple punches to the gut but from the get-go is met with kryptonite).

So, who is this for? I would say its for the crowd to likes to see a heroine forced to cum herself multiple times, whom is helpless and slowly being undressed by a bad guy. He takes off her boots, shows off her feet to the camera, holds her in his lap while using a vibrator on her, that kind of stuff.

My goal with these LoFi projects I think is to go more for like a ‘normal fan boy who has a camera and catches a heroine’ kind of thing. Ironically, doing things like filming shots of the film on an iPhone was the whole point of this project and its also why I have Vaulted the project for so long as well. It is hard for me to work purposely against my more splashy looking films.

I think I have decided that all LoFi films only make sense to me if they have a standard pricing of $20 USD. They all universally should have a longer runtime as – longer takes of a dude molesting a super heroine is a lot easier to shoot than massive set pieces in one of my more choreographed and story driven projects. This film specifically currently has a runtime of over 40 minutes.

Pending my editing stamina I might be able to release the Sage Pillar Supergirl LoFi project this month as well. The Claire LoFi film was further along in the editing process and thought it be a more suitable introduction into these LoFi films.

I have roughly 3-4 LoFi projects already shot (this being one of them). Wether or not I continue to make these projects on the side mostly depends on you guys and wether or not this kind of content is something you’d like to see more of from me. I will make those decisions via sales information.

And in case it needs to be stated cause I have an odd feeling it does: LoFi films are secondary to my primary releases. They will never take precedent over my bigger films, I will only shoot them when its convenient and release them n edit them when I am unable to film bigger projects in LA.

I expect to release this film before Christmas

Estimated Runtime: Over 40 Minutes

  • No simulated sex
  • Forced orgasms via vibrator
  • No choreographed fighting
  • Pantyhose on actress
  • Breast are exposed towards end of film
  • Pantyhose are destroyed
  • Purposely shot to look lofi in nature



Excluding my last release 2022 films will be on sale until New Years Day

So if you are looking for discounted films… nows the time baby

2022 Film Sale

Dough Nation

If you are feeling generous and have the holiday spirit – there are a couple pieces of gear I need to replace for filmmaking and financially I am all tied up for the next three months. I added a donation button below if you can spare the change, please don’t use it if you don’t have the extra spending money! Things will continue on without it, but it be nice to buy the items while they are on sale this year.



Sometimes I get emails from customers like “Yo I didn’t know you released this 5 months ago!” So for the sake of me making a post here’s a reminder… I just dropped this Black Canary film! Check it out!

Black Canary Release Information


There will not be any more hardcore releases from me this year. There was an outbreak of infection in the hardcore industry (treatable and curable thankfully) so there was a 10 day stoppage on all adult productions. The only chance I would have had to shoot to release another hardcore film before the end of the year was within the window of when things went into shutdown. I am currently scheduling work and shoots to take place in January, pending everyones availability.

If you read to this point… thank you… sorry I make such long post!

Damien (lil baby) Woods

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