TH E K ILL ING J OKE / Generation Zod – On Sale

Happy July Henchmen and Henchwomen!

Two of my bigger releases from the last year – TKJ and Generation Zod are on a limited time sale. Other titles may be added to the sale, please let me know in the comments if there are any specific films I should consider adding.


Standard Price: $100 Sale Price: $60


Read more about the film on the link below:


Standard Price: $65 Sale Price: $40


Read more about the film on the link below:


LoFi #05 (Preorder)

Price: $25
Length: 40+ Minutes
Size: 1080P: ?GB / 2K: ?GB
Version Information:
Download comes with: 1080P Download, 2K

Starring: Constance

Synopsis: Our heroine sneaks into the intruders last known location, only to find her superpowers rendered useless by a chloroform rag. Can she stop him? Or will he have his way while forcing her into a state of unconsciousness


  • Pantyhose
  • Debooting
  • Chloroform heavy – heroine is controlled by chloroform 
  • Molested while drifting in and out of consciousness 
  • Hyper realistic dildo in mouth
  • Blowjob – heroine is in and out of consciousness 
  • Cum in mouth
  • Vibrator used on heroine (multiple real orgasms)
  • Softcore simulated sex
  • Unmasking
  • Breast are only briefly shown in film (Vast majority they stay in costume)
  • Ending – Heroine loses, is taken away over shoulder

TRAILER – Coming Soon

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24 Responses

  1. Cat-herder says:

    I’m hesistant to preorder another project (Ares)from SHL without at least some estimates/ballpark on when either will be out.

  2. andrew says:

    I bought the zod film and realizes it left supergirl alive at the end does that imply you have a sequel planned for that one?

    • AWS Man AWS Man says:

      SHL films almost never have death endings, so do you always assume that means a sequel is coming?

    • SHL SHL says:

      Sales tend to dictate sequels. Generation Zod wasn’t compelling enough of a seller for me at this time to continue the story. It’s a shame – I love the film. I think the acting is great. IMO the costume should have been tighter and shinier, probably would have made it more popular!

  3. Mongey says:

    More Lofi please!

    • Full Contact Origami says:

      While Ive only seen one Lofi so far. # 2 w/ Sage Pillar. I knew the premise was low budget, however I just got the impression it was a low effort test shoot. I think your film, Uninvited, was significantly better.

      • SHL SHL says:

        I’m not sure I understand your comment. LoFi films are suppose to be low budget, and low effort. That’s the point in the name and the low price for purchase.

  4. Rian says:

    When is the next Super Remote film ?

    • SHL SHL says:

      As of now – there are no more in production. The first two were to test the market and see the viability of it moving forward as a series.

      • Rian says:

        Ok. I hope the test was successful. I loved these two movies.

        • SHL SHL says:

          I have a better idea for what the market for the product is, so in that way – it was a success. But – I am in no position to fund more out of pocket in mass, so there is no plan on on making it into a ‘series’. I have been mulling over crowdfunding/customing more from the audience – so I can script out peoples ideas and edit the films into higher quality customs, but – direct customs with both actresses is possible already through Boosty, which I am not involved with

  5. F L says:

    I’m so dumb that when reading the title I thought this was a new video with Batgirl facing Zod or some Supergirl villains (and getting absolutely wrecked in the process)

    This is what I get for sleeping 4 hours 😂

  6. michael says:

    WHEN are you going to skip the pantyhose! I can’t buy these.

    • SHL SHL says:

      Historically speaking – I don’t do nude legs. And never will unless it’s a custom. And I rarely take customs.

      • Lee Carl Lee Carl says:

        Honestly, just from a production standpoint, I feel the same. I have nothing against bare legs. But real women have flaws. And that’s okay, everyone should. We go through life, get marked up, here and there. Tattoos, birthmarks, cellulite, tan lines, bruises (especially if the model does fetish content). I’ll use bare legs if a custom calls for it, but in general, I feel the tights help the actress look more “super-heroic” by helping mask those flaws.

        • 33sp says:

          Tights definitely make heroines look more “super-heroic”! I mean, satin tights were a definitive part of the OG Wonder Woman!!!

        • 321 says:

          I will not mention names or titles, but I can remember one video in which the heroine’s legs were pretty bruised up, probably from a recently shot previous video. I would bet that too tight a hold on an overhead lift would cause bruising. In that case, I wish the actress had been a little bit less of a trooper and a little bit more of a prima donna–as in “Can I wear hose for this shoot? Because the camera is really going to show my bruises in this lighting.” Not that I am advocating prima donna behavior in general, and things like only wanting close-ups from a certain angle are probably a bit much, but in that particular video the bruises were distracting enough to break my suspension of disbelief.

  7. Hual Hual says:

    You have convinced me, now you have my money, I bought both movies. I gotta say I never bought “The Killing Joke” because the price (however deserving so) scared me off a little. But with a 40% discount, I gave it a try.

    Also, that Constance LoFi film looks super cool

  8. Fletch says:

    Wow this upcoming Lofi looks fantastic. I’ll definitely put this one on preorder tomorrow and finally pick up a couple of your other lofis as well. I still love your SHL and SHX lines and hope to see more of those as well, but I know you’ve been having a rough go recently. Get some BBQ for the fourth my guy you deserve it and thanks again for running this website too.

  9. queensw says:

    the new upcoming release looks great!

  10. Fragmag Fragmag says:

    OK, we got a Deal!


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