Wonderful Girl: Night Terrors

Hannah Perez returns as Wonderful Girl in a new video from SHL called Night Terrors.


Wonderful Girl: Night Terrors

Length: 35 Minutes
Ankle torture
Multiple cholro
Mind control
Stripping of costume (tights stay on)
Self fondling
Light bondage

While Wonderful Girl sleeps Sandman invades her dreams. Wonderful Girl enters another realm where Sandman is in control of both her mind and body. Wonderful Girl attempts to fight but Sandman is simply having fun, letting her win then suddenly turning the tables.

After knocking Wonder out Sandman takes over her mind and has her fondle herself. She masturbates shamefully in front of him, stripping herself of her costume. Nearly in tears Wonderful Girl begs for it to end. But Sandman has other plans.

How can she escape when she’s powerless?

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