“Explosive Consequences” by Dark City Fiction


Podcaster Kayla Coyote is preparing for her latest episode when her feed is interrupted by a computer hacker known as Alfred Nerdlap. It seems Mr. Nerdlap is planning to destroy Capital City’s technology grid unless the city wires him millions of dollars. Well, not unless White Shadow has something to do about it…

White Shadow arrives at Nerdlap’s lair confident that she will be able to take this geek out quickly. Unfortunately for her he has quite a few nefarious tricks up his sleeves. After sending a sonic charge through her body that renders her powers useless, he exposes her to a toxic gas that knocks her out and gives him time to…well explore her costume a bit more. It seems Nerdlap is hoping to make a girlfriend out of White Shadow.

What follows is a series of traps involving various rope bondage (Nerdlap is very skilled with rope), toy torture, chloro, forced squirting orgasm, a poison dart, electroshock, and some sort of treacherous slime…

After escaping one of Nerdlap’s traps White Shadow seems to get the upper hand and is about to take Nerdlap to jail when he pulls yet another dirty trick rendering her sightless and giving him enough time to take her down again.

Ultimately Nerdlap tires of her escapes and decides it’s time to get rid of her for good, so he sets up a livestream and straps her up to a chair with some ropes a vibrator and a bomb. It seems she and Capital City are going to experience explosive consequences…

  • real vaginal toy insertion and closeups
  • electroshock wand
  • multiple forms of rope bondage
  • toxic slime
  • poison gas
  • poison dart
  • chloro
  • fondling/sleepy
  • ballgag
  • forced orgasm/squirting
  • female on male combat
  • male on female punches and slaps
  • full nudity
  • demask
  • live stream with negative audience commentary
  • pubic hair, and pube pulling
  • nipple clamps
  • loss of powers
  • voice over/internal monologue
  • secret identity/reveal

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40 Responses

  1. MisoKatsu MisoKatsu says:

    Purchased, another great video !! hope to see more humiliated Kayla 🙂

  2. White Goo Man says:

    Why is it necessary for her to have a tumbleweed over her crotch? Did anyone request that?

  3. DKM says:

    IS this a death ending or a cliffhanger?

  4. Hual Hual says:

    Watched it and loved it. Kayla is always amazing. Interesting concept, this movie feels different than others and I can’t really tell why. Very curious what kind of sequel emerges from that ending.

    • jennifer says:

      hey question! is the very final shot in the trailer also the end of the full movie and it just kinda cuts off? or is there more to it?

      • there’s a little more to it

      • Henchman says:

        Final sequence is great. Kayla is the best and really sells having the forced dildo working her up to the point the “live audience” knows she has no chance whatsoever of not cumming and triggering the bomb. Great movie with a different concept.

      • jake p says:

        hey if you havent bought yet, but the movie does end at the same moment the trailer cuts off. dunno why DCF said otherwise in their reply

        • well there’s a different effect than the color bars and beep tone in the trailer plus there’s a shot after the credits roll. my point was you see the explosion in the movie you do not in the trailer

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  6. woofwoof says:

    Where can the WS costume be found? It looks too good

  7. Fenrir7 Fenrir7 says:

    Genius ending. When the superheroine has to choose between her desire and saving people(or her pride)

    I saw the customer said there will be a sequel! can you cofirm that DCF?

    • billy says:

      wait is that actually how it ends?? i assumed she would be forced to orgasm and then the bomb would go off. are u saying that she CHOOSES to sacrifice the people so that she can orgasm?

      if so im def buying it! i was a little cautious like the comment below because i dont rly like when the bad end kinda happens off screen. but thats such a dark ending i’d love it

      please confirm?

      • I would say it is more of a forced situation where she doesn’t have a choice (my interpretation of the script). but i can also see the op’s interpretation as she does give in to the pleasure and can’t fight it

        Also yes a sequel is in the works 😉

        • billy says:

          hmmm interesting i hope the sequel has a similar theme where she has to choose between pleasure and saving ppl and is like “fuck saving people” lol. best SH vids are the ones that end with corruption, mind breaking, bimbofying etc

          will prolly grab this soon

          • Henchman says:

            The rolling comment section humiliating her with mean comments while she is forced to cum is a nice touch

      • Fenrir7 Fenrir7 says:

        i have to admit there’s some of my self understanding as it is a common strategy in GIGA stories.

        it also happened in WS 4, when WS need to control herself to keep her reputation as a superheroine, but she eventually follow her physical feeling and cum in front of the public.

  8. Unk says:

    Why no low blows? Why no real orgasms with squirting?

    • AWS Man AWS Man says:

      Yeah, crazy that they’d listen to what the customer who commissioned it wanted instead of reaching out to you for your opinion first!

    • it was actually a specific decision to not make the protagonist very physically menacing so the movie is overall not fight heavy or hit heavy. we wanted him to come off more nerdy and pathetic when it comes to fighting. you can see it in the way he awkwardly slaps and punches. the focus was more on his sneaky traps and torture and perverse intentions

      no real orgasm because, well it is a fictional movie and not gonzo porn

  9. Kook says:

    Looks amazing, love that the customer kept a lot of aspect that I usually wrote in the other WS customs.

  10. Steve says:

    Looks awesome . Kayla is my fave and love white shadow

  11. Ferrari93 says:

    Kayla looks so hot here, any plans on a F/F film?

  12. joen says:

    oh man the actual content here looks amazing but it seems like it might be the kind of ending i dont really like (where the heroine’s final fate happens off camera…. like from an explosion since theres no way to actually film that lol). kinda wish it was something like when she orgasms a bomb goes off in the city and then she dies on camera a different way

    tho i could be wrong. but it does seem like it’ll be a fade to black and bomb goes off ending

    • it does happen on camera but it’s not like you see her blown apart and guts flying. boom then camera feed cuts. i’m not going to claim it’s the best effect ever haha. i was going for over the top. but you do see an explosion but no aftermath

  13. Luhut binsar pandjaitan says:

    WS big fans right here..
    Good work from DCF, no debate this work just amazing.

  14. Hasyim asyari says:


  15. Harper says:

    This looks awesome!! Love Kayla and love to see real insertion. Will definitely buy this weekend.

    I assume the orgasm is simulated or you would say otherwise. Regardless, looking forward to it!

  16. Chuck says:

    I don’t intend to start a bush/no bush debate, although I prefer it, having grown up in the early 90s. But I wish they wouldn’t use these tiny costumes where the pubes hang out over the sides and top. It looks ridiculous. Her pussy is really sexy. Wear something that covers it, then strip her and let that bush get destroyed!

    • i hear ya. this is probably one you’ll want to skip then 🙂 i have more on the horizon for Kayla not in this outfit

      • GleebToo GleebToo says:

        To balance the scales I would love to say that I like the idea of slutty superheroine 🙂 WS almost looks like she actually wants to be defeated and fucked, and I love that thought.

        BTW I would love to see superheroine in “standard” costume, with hard nipples without bra, miniskirt, no panties. Slutty, but not as slutty as WS 🙂


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