“Corrupted System” From The Battle For Earth

Contains: 2 on 1 male/male/female combat, face punches, belly punches, rib punches, kicks, knees, low blows, back breaker, nipple and breast play, bush and pussy play, mask removal, electric wand leading to bladder release, nipple clamps, ring gag, wrist restraints, live broadcast of captured heroine, power removal, full nudity, insertion of motorized dildo 

​Synopsis: White Shadow has managed to tick off law enforcement yet again. With no regard for the law, she’s single-handedly taken care of crime in the city leaving the cops looking like fools. Police Chief Quimby won’t have it. When organized crime devises a plan to remove her powers and subsequently punish and teach her a lesson, Quimby takes advantage publicly displaying a bound and gagged White Shadow for everyone to see. The lesson being “don’t mess with law enforcement”. After her public humiliation, Quimby throws WS in jail where she’s greeted by two thugs with vendettas. It’s bad to worse as WS tries to figure out what she did to deserve the degradation and humiliation.

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8 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    I’ve seen Kayla in a few things Was Thinking about buying this custom Very interested in her as White shadow Not very happy that I had to sign up for their Net and wait 72 hours for admin still waiting So I missed the sale That was 50% off So my only question is is this actually worth the $50 plus tax I’ll be paying not trying to be rude or anything. Just wanted to know.

    • Fenrir7 Fenrir7 says:

      i’d say it’s the best WS in plot. but WS is not a sex focusing series, more focus on torturing tits and pussy, if u like those elements it will be the greatest film ever

  2. Jokowi says:

    Good work from tbfe to pick another actress as WS.
    Imagine if gia ohmy picked as WS.
    Gonna be wonderful

  3. Henchman Henchman says:

    Great video. Kayla does a great job selling the punishment and she goes through a lot.

  4. Fenrir7 Fenrir7 says:

    Saw Kayla had a new WS post on X, so there’s a new WS custom in the future?

  5. Hual Hual says:

    So happy we can finally talk about this amazing movie, loved every second of it!

  6. Midnite Midnite says:

    Purchased immediately. Wasn’t disappointed. Hope for more forced orgasms in the future.


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