Broken Bat 2: Villains United – New Release from Lee Carl Productions!

Broken Bat 2: Villains United – now available at &!

Following being captured and handed over to Black Skull, our Dark Maiden is blackmailed into submitting to one torment after another. After an introduction to her new life at the hands of Black Skull, he shows his new prize at the Glacier Lounge, where she is forced to dance for the crowd and pleasure the club’s owner.

When her debut at the club proves popular, our heroine is served up to some of the city’s worst criminals for their use, including Mercy, Deathpool, and the Straw Nightmare, with a guest appearance from Harlequin.

Includes: Gas Attack, Choking, Cleave Gag, Nipple Clamps, Titty Bang (simulated), Coerced Compliance, Multiple BJs (simulated), Stomach Blows, Groping, Costume Destruction, Blackmail, Exotic Dancing, Spanking, Backbreaker, AOH, Wrist Bondage, Sim-Sex, Sim Spitroast, Topless Nudity, Fake Fluids, and more!


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15 Responses

  1. Ztc says:

    If we are getting what’s hinted at can we see further compliance methods like if she does what they say , she gets pleasure from the vibrator in her and if she doesn’t the device shocks her. A collar and chain on her would look amazing too, I’d like to see her sexually depraved to the point she unwillingly complies due to her trials and tribulations with pleasure and pain implemented. Hopefully the riddle stuff I saw in a previous post can go hand in hand with what I previously mentioned and maybe the collar saying toy or slut on it

  2. F L says:

    Love that most of the video the cape is either not present or you make sure it doesn’t get in the way of the action and her body/costume. Capes look fantastic and imposing visually, but a capeless Batgirl not only shows us her bldy and the costume better but also provides that sense of vulnerability that only costume removal/destruction can bring, that’s why I love multi part costumes where you can take away parts or accesories gradually.

    After all the main difference from erotic wrestling or straight up porn in SHIP videos are the costumes. Amd here you made a fantastic work showwing it off!

  3. mynameis says:

    I hope I get to see some more bare skin from Kira Fox as Batgirl in an upcoming video. I have to settle for watch her porn instead for that. She is really hot and I ache to see her naked body, not just her tits.

  4. Sugarcoater says:

    I bought this one and absolutely loved the dance sequence! If at all possible, perhaps add more of such sequences to Part 3 (if it’s not already done). There is something amazingly sexy of a superheroine in tight spandex dancing provocatively in a way that goes against her normally conservative nature. Perhaps even adding a striptease sequence where she slowly unzips her costume…?
    Please do consider more such sequences in future videos, even if it’s just a teaser sequence at the end of a film. (And nice touch adding the neon “SEX” in the background as she dances!)

  5. ak_fan ak_fan says:

    Yeah this looks really good. Will buy as soon as I’m back in front of a computer. Too bad the merchant site isn’t set up for buy/stream/download whenever.

  6. Kallekiri says:

    beautiful but I’d pitch in whatever for a debooting lol

  7. MisoKatsu MisoKatsu says:

    Purchased, very nice storyline…. hope to see the next chapter 🙂

  8. Eric Donaldson says:

    Watched it and liked it in several ways. There are lots of different scenes, greatly filmed and mastered, the acting is good and so are the costumes. To me I like more when ship movies start with some classic scenes like investigation and fighting before it comes to other things. These elements are nearly not included here. And the main point, for me as a cape kinker: That long gold black cape is the best cape I saw in any movies ever. Unfortunately Kira strips out of it most of the time. There is one scene where to guys *** her and she wears it lying on her back (even if theres a mistake in the matrix, because she doesn’t wear the cape one second before), that’s great! But why for example she stripped out of it for giving a bj to the penguin? Is the cape that heavy and uncomfortable Lee?

    And before I forget it: Before you shorten or destroy this cape, I would like to buy it or even know where it was made haha.


    • F L says:

      You do realize this is part 2 of a series of 3 videos right? For the “classic scenes” you mention you can go to part 1 of this!

  9. blackjebus blackjebus says:

    Part 3 needs her escaping, only to be captured by the league of shadows, and being impregnated by Ra’s Al Ghul.

  10. Señor Descartes says:

    Holy Shit. Lee Carl you mad genius, you. Finally bringing us the Batgirl peril videos we’ve been waiting years to come to life. Bravo.

  11. Batman says:

    Will there be sequel for silverbat Staring Alicia Moon..?

  12. estro says:

    looks pretty great but it seems like there’s more to the story based on that trailer? will probably wait for the next part, assuming there is one.

    hope her story ends with a total mind break and being turned into a whore that loves what shes doing. not enough vids like that lately!

  13. queensw says:

    Looks great. Gonna watch soon.


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