Batwoman in “The Bat Sleeps Well” from Sleepy Superheroines!

Gotham’s hero, Batwoman, is lured into a phony charity event by the villainous Trickster where she’s soon ambushed and overpowered by the fiend using chloroform. More humiliating defeats follow including more chloroform and blows to the head via a blackjack. She eventually manages to turn the tables on him playing possum, but just when she thinks she’s got him on the ropes, another humiliating defeat awaits. Eventually Trickster unmasks our buxom heroine. With her identity exposed, Batwoman is in the fight of her life, but can she outmaneuver this maniacal mastermind before it’s too late?

This video features male/female fighting, multiple chloroform KOs, multiple blackjack KOs, injection KO, gas mask KO, over the shoulder carry, unmasking, and limp play.

Available Now/View Trailer:

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