Ghost Spider in “Deep Sleep!” from Sleepy Superheroines

Ghost-Spider thinks she’s infiltrated Trickster’s penthouse unseen. But the villain’s got other plans for our curvy heroine, a watch that freezes its subject when it’s remotely activated. He quickly captures Ghost Spider using chloroform and then the stage is set. Ghost-Spider’s trapped in a vicious cycle. Freeze. Defeat. Repeat. Trickster uses his full arsenal including chloroform, blackjack, syringe, and an anesthetic mask. Trickster’s toying with her, but Ghost-Spider’s no pushover. Can she outsmart the Trickster before her secret identity is shattered? Find out in this pulse-pounding new tale from Sleepy Superheroines!

This video features male/female fighting, multiple chloroform KOs, multiple blackjack KOs, multiple injection KOs, multiple gas mask KO, carries, unmasking, and limp play.

Available Now/View Trailer:

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1 Response

  1. F L says:

    Always have to commend this producer on the costume choices. Wish he did combat videos rather than sleepy and limp play stuff but I have been here long enough to know each producer specializes in the content they want.

    And since he the only one doing videos with Silk i can’t complain at all!


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