Wonder Woman: Recon Interrupted


Price: $60
Length: 58 Minutes
Size: 4K HEVC: 15.3GBs / 1080P: 3.9GBs

Featuring: Abbie Maley / Nathan Bronson / Codey Steele


Wonder Woman goes to infiltrate an off-sight lab of Lex Luthor, downloading data from the secret labs computer of an unknown project. She has a run in with one of his guards, who is equipped with a ‘super suit’. No big deal, Lex’s tech is no match for her sheer strength. But he isn’t alone and the tables quickly turn.

The guards decide – Luthor doesn’t have to know about his unwelcome guest – and then its up to them to decide what happens to her next. 



  • Pantyhose throughout film
  • Lose ending (no death)
  • Hardcore
  • Contains rape scene
  • Breast are shown
  • Gets debooted

Setup / Fight: 10 Minutes

  • Minimal amounts of internal dialogue 
  • Off screen transformation
  • General fighting
  • Bracelet bullet blocks
  • Taser rifle renders her helpless
  • Fights back despite set backs
  • Gut punch
  • They search her for evidence she took from lab
  • Taser torture 
  • Pin her forcefully to ground
  • Search her boot for evidence 
  • One boot gets removed
  • Gets gassed until she’s helpless

Forced BJ(s):  12 Minutes

  • Accidental discovery of power of lasso (used to try to restrain her from fighting back during BJ)
  • From this point forward Wonder Woman is compelled to stay compliant
  • At times she’s encouraged to be enthusiastic, but still showcases her lack of desire for her sexual peril
  • Lasso interrogation 
  • Identity reveal
  • Power belt removal 
  • KO from strike to face 
  • Over shoulder carry

Hardcore Scene: 34 Minutes

  • Unhappy with how dry she is, they use a vibrator while she’s KOed to warm her up
  • She awakes quickly after the vibrator is used on her
  • Vibrator scene is brief
  • Tits are exposed
  • Pantyhose are torn at crotch
  • 2nd boot is removed at beginning of HC scene
  • Lasso is kept on her neck during HC scene
  • She’s generally instructed throughout scene on how to comply
  • Tone is wavering between forced and enthusiasm (compelled by lasso)
  • 2 real orgasms during sex scene
  • Facial and cum on crotch
  • Lose ending (no death)



General Updates

Production of The Killing Joke has been slightly delayed due to COVID spike from Holiday season. Pending how numbers change within the next couple weeks will dictate rescheduling (big cast, harder to schedule with things like a pandemic).

Zatanna voice over dialogue is still planned to happen. I haven’t forgotten. Thank you for your unreasonable patience.



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Here’s to 2022, hope you enjoy this film

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