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Hey henchmen and henchwomen,

I am cooking up a new film for you and will release previews in the next week or so, its going to be slightly different than my normal fair but enough of the same ol to not completely lose you. For transparency purposes it’s been a struggle to schedule shoot dates cause talent I planned on using for certain projects are either: not in the country, taking a break or schedules don’t line up. God laughs when you make plans kind of situations. The train forges on!

I am putting the film I did with Star Nine on sale for the next week for $35 bucks (down from $60) in case you wanted to check it out, if you haven’t already.

Here is more information about that film:


Conversation about F/F

I might take a crack at a F/F film this spring. But I need some help. I am so use to using real dicks into real V’s in my films that I don’t have any perspective on what anyone wants when they say “F/F!!!!!” Like, do you want essentially the same kind of action and script that you see in my M/F films? Do you want them to use a strap on? Does the strap on have to look like a real dick? Do you prefer no strap on? Do you prefer chicks with dicks (like in the Akiba/Giga films where a woman grows a real cock) Scissor sisters? Beatdown? Heroine likes it? Heroine hates it?

Majority rules in this situation. If 10 comments say: real dick looking strap on vs 1 comment saying no strap on – then thats what I am doing.

For perspective and transparency: I do not watch F/F videos. It’s never been my thing. So if you don’t bring it up now, then forever hold your peace. I won’t be kind to comments when the film comes out that are upset I didn’t do something they didn’t mention here.


I have been flirting with the idea of going to FetCon this year. Never have gone, ever. But as I noticed from years of reading about it – the notion is a lot of people go there 2 network and then shoot together in hotel rooms, so if you aren’t shooting films in hotel rooms you might end up sitting around at the pool, bored and alone. BUT

As you may have noticed, hotel room shooting isn’t quite my style currently. I am more into the whole ‘complete look’ thing right now and will continue to dig down into that for the foreseeable future.

So, I was wondering if any of you had any interest in me shooting some stuff at FetCon thats more Lo-Fi, tripod setup, heroines in hotel rooms, POV blowjob content, handheld iPhone kind of stuff. I figured I could maybe make a character/villain who likes to film himself taking down heroines and making serial killer like lo-fi videos of his victories to kind of lean into the narrative. The content would be significantly cheaper than my normal fair because it will be cheaper to shoot and quicker to edit.

Let me know if you 1: Love the idea or 2: Hate the idea or 3: Indifferent/Curious what it might look like

Cause I might not go if I am not shooting, cause I would hate to be wasting time at an event where I might be sitting on my hands.

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