Preorder / Uninvited / Alina Lopez

Hey gang,

Next month (December 2020) I will be shooting a hardcore film with Alina Lopez and I have decided that I will have her don the Wonder Woman outfit. A film I was about to release just got delayed (reasons beyond my control) and I just filmed 4 new films in LA (Ashley Lane / Batgirl etc) so the bank account is getting a little slim.

So I figured I would launch a preorder for the Alina film. For clarity, its happening regardless of the amount of preorders I get. But I figured the benefit for you would be: 1. Discounted cost 2. Would ensure I don’t skim on any production quality with the fear of financial strain.

If anyone would like to option specific content (how it ends, specific peril, etc)… email me and make an offer. Email: damienwoods77 at yahoo dot com.

The plan would be for the film to get released around February/March of 2021. As of now Ashley Lane as Batgirl is set to be released around January 2021.

Guarantees of content in Alina film:

  1. Pantyhose
  2. A sick costume

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