Uninvited 9 – Melody Marks

Uninvited 9 is now available.

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Melody is looking for her friend Red Vision (who was last seen having her mind fried in Uninvited 8, this plot point is not shown in film) but… no-one is home. 

Melody decides to snoop around and finding herself bored… decides to try on Red Visions new costume.

Bone, a super villain who has earned his name from using his manhood aggressively, is on the hunt for Red Vision.

Disappointed he finds Melody in her costume instead, a fight ensues. Melody’s super strength proves to be more than he can handle. Bone pulls out a weapon to level the fight in his favor. 

Bone has one goal in mind… humiliation. 


Customer Edition / $30 / 30 Minutes

Directors Edition / $40 / 60 Minutes

Ultimate Edition 4k / $50 / contains 1080p download and 4k download / BTS content 

Screen Shots shared by both films

Screen Shots from Directors Cut

Screen Shots from Customers Cut

Differences between films

Directors Cut (60 Minutes)

  1. Heroine loses
  2. Hardcore Scene (20 Minutes)
  3. Heroine is taken in costume, with pantyhose and debooted
  4. Two rebooting scenes (one after backbreaker, one in hardcore sequence)
  5. Magic Stone causes heroine to become weak and horny
  6. Heroine is forced to eat stone
  7. Heroine is at friends house (Red Vision, who is missing), while bored puts on her friends costume (Red Visions costume version 2)
  8. Heroine gets dressed up into costume on film
  9. Backbreaker scene (heroine loses the ability to use legs temporarily from backbreaker, its a finishing move)
  10. Forced BJ (after leveling backbreaker)
  11. Is knocked unconscious from lack of air from BJ

Customers Cut (30 Minutes)

  1. Heroine wins 
  2. Hardcore Scene (12 Minutes)
  3. Heroine is taken out of costume with boots on (no pantyhose)
  4. During hardcore scene heroine become compliant 
  5. Magic vibrator causes heroine to become weak and horny
  6. Film starts with Red having tracked down bad guy, fight starts almost immediately

Shared Content

  1. Heroine is unmasked
  2. Multiple orgasms via vibrator
  3. Fight where heroine is in power, but power is turned (one film by magic stone, other by magic vibrator)
  4. Heroine touches herself from possession by magic object
  5. Heroine is humiliated by touching herself in front of bad guy 
  6. Arms tied behind back on chair and forced to orgasm with vibrator



Password: melody

Purchase at: http://www.superheroinelimited.com/uninvited-9

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