Heroineburgh Episode 23: “Master and Servant” and comic Issue 4 both available!

Heroineburgh Episode 23 , “Master and Servant” – the second episode of Season 3 – is available now to download at http://www.heroineburgh.com/season-three/ clocking in at 37 minutes!

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The Black Faction’s takeover of the Steel City continues to ripple across town as the villainesses begin to consolidate their holds on their various territories. The themes of control and domination are prevalent in this episode, hence the title “Master and Servant”!

Check out the Episode 23 trailer.

Here are the plots you can expect in this episode:

  • Special guest actress Terra Mizu (already the star of Episode 22 and Custom 10) returns as the ultra-sexy Fenneca the Silver Fox, plundering an art gallery with her husband Canis the Hound. But the mighty Basque champion Indarra lies in wait for them..can the burglars escape her grasp?
  • Devorra the Queen continues to obsess over dominating a criminal empire, using her sweet honey juice to create an army of super-strong drones. She runs up against the team of Arabic champion Jinniyya and the raging Amazon, Red Gina, deploying her mind-controlling pollen to even the playing field!
  • Dark Spectra and henchwoman Dyna capture Vigilanta and try to plunder the technology of her combat suit. Will their methods of torture work on the intrepid scourge of the night?
  • Drake and Vaporia have the minds set on controlling the high-tech heroines Cybrina and X-Machina, using Crainiac’s homemade nanotech to ensnare them like puppets. The results are quite surprising, as the nano-ray creates a lethal new supervillainess!
  • Arogya the Healer returns to the fray after Mesmera exposed her identity to the world in Episode 20. With her brother’s help, she creates a new face and an altered identity, but will it be enough to regain her heroic confidence?

We’ve got some fun elements.

  • Good to evil costume transformation
  • Lesbian flirtation
  • Crotch busting
  • Belly punching
  • Mind control
  • Choking and throat lift
  • Knockout
  • Super strength
  • Many cool superpower effects
  • And, of course, plenty of tight and shiny spandex (and several capes)

This episode stars Kristin, Jessica R, Sydney, Josh, Ryan, Terra, Patrick, Barbara, Erika, Elizabeth, Lydia, Ben, Josalynn, Yi, Heather, Raina and Adam, and the Steel City of Pittsburgh PA!

And now, onto some stills:

Devorra laughs as her mind-controlling gold pollen takes effect on Red Gina, turning her into a docile worker-bee subject to her command. She will command the super-strong Amazon to destroy her fellow heroine Jinniyya, but Devorra also has designs on exploiting Gina as a pleasure slave, generating sweet honey juice to empower her drones!

Ha ha ha! Thanks to my dose of pollen, the iron will of mighty Red Gina is now mind to command!

Dark Spectra and Dyna surround and overwhelm Vigilanta, knocking her out with a dose of chloroform. They have plans to torture her and steal the secret technology of her tight-fitting battle suit!

She’s in dreamland, boss, and she looks pretty cute in this tight suit! Can I fool around with her a little?

Fenneca the Silver Fox is not at all happy that the mighty Indarra interrupted her robbery of a rich art gallery with her husband, Canis. And the voluptuous thief intends to choke the Basque champion to death, if she can!

You annoying Spanish twat! I’ll make sure you never interefere with my plans again, as I crush your windpipe!

The tall and voluptuous villainess Vaporia could asphyxiate the hapless Cybrina with her smoke powers, but instead tries the brutal physical approach. Will the high-tech heroine escape her grasp?

Think you can attack me and my lover? How about if I just crush the life out of you, cyber-twit?

The criminal mastermind Drake fires a raygun made entirely of silicon at X-Machina, so she is unable to affect it with her magnetic powers. She shivers and screams as the beam paralyzes her. His goal is to control her with nanobots, but will the results of his assault prove fruitful?

No! I’m feeling incredible pain, as if I’m being transformed from the inside against my will!

Thanks to the assistance of her brother, Ranjit, and her own biokinetic powers, the healing goddess Arogya now has a radiant new face and a stunningly sexy body. But will that be enough to boost her heroic confidence to get back into the superheroine business?

Thanks so much, brother! I feel so powerful in this new gorgeous body, like a goddess!

You can not only pick up Episode 23 from http://www.heroineburgh.com/season-three/ , but also our new Heroineburgh Comics Issue 4 is available as well at http://www.heroineburgh.com/comic-book-four .

Based on the live-action series, Issue 4 features three exciting original stories starring many of our popular superheroines and supervillainesses.

  • 20 pages of high-quality paper with glossy finish, featuring the dynamic drawings of Wayne Brown (Like Father Like Daughter) and Benjamin Zeus Barnett.
  • Another spectacular good-vs-evil front cover by DC Comics and crowdfund veteran Jason Wright (Young Justice, Metal Men, Green Lantern, Secret Six, Starlight Cats, Inglorious Rex, Fearsome).
  • Beautiful back cover pinups by BatMad (Italy), Jeff Hicks (of World Class Bullshitters), and Mark Vuycankiat (artist for The Edge, Philippines).
  • Order your copy today from the website, or find it in one of dozens of comic shops nationwide!
Another incredible cover from legendary DC Comics freelancer Jason Wright, resident of Pittsburgh!
The evil cyborg version of X-Machina is bent on burning the boots off the mighty Poderosa!
Dark goddess Kaliyuga squirms in the tight grip of Arogya, who is attempting to drain her energy!
Mesmera struggles in the constricting captivity of Gardenia’s unbreakable vines!
Zinnia feels unusual pleasure in submitting to the hypnotic stare of Serpenta!
X-Machina is strung up on the cybernetic version of a St Andrew’s cross. Can Cybrina free her from bondage?


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  1. RRP says:

    Great video. Your storylines with the heroines are amazing. In this season it seens the heroines are losing against the villains. Wonder is they are preparing a comeback. Also is very interesting the brainwash of Red Gina and X Machina.

    Poderosa is my favourite, wonder is she will manage to turno around this situation


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