Heroineburgh Episode 22 – “Changes” out now!

Heroineburgh Episode 22, “Changes” – the initial episode of Season 3 – is available now to download at http://www.heroineburgh.com/season-three/ clocking in at 33 minutes!

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The effects of Dark Spectra’s takeover of the Steel City and her dissolution of the official status of the Heroine League, causing them to locate to a new private temporary headquarters, start to be felt as the supervillains feel emboldened to commit brazen crimes throughout the city. However, the heroines haven’t given up, and they are still fighting for truth and justice, as well to take back the town from Dark Spectra.

In the meantime, Stellara’s successful use of the glowing blue meteorite Drainium against Poderosa in Episode 21 has caused ripples throughout the criminal world. As a true mercenary, she sells pieces of Drainium to all of the other supercriminals, who use it to try to stop the heroines who arrive to thwart their crimes. However, the Drainium surprisingly has a radically different effect on every heroine, causing many of them to undergo certain…transformations. Hence, the episode title, “Changes.”

Here are the plots you can expect in this episode:

– Special guest actress Terra Mizu (who has already appeared in the very erotic Custom 10) debuts in Episode 22 as the super sexy Fenneca the Silver Fox. With her husband Canis the Hound, they encounter Devana the Slavic Huntress during a robbery. Will Devana’s battle skill win the day?

– Chlorina boldly plunders the chemistry department at Carnegie Mellon to obtain hydrochloric acid (which will allow her to create gas clouds that can burn through walls!) and cytosine (for her genetic clone experiments). But she runs smack into Arctica, queen of the frost. Will Chlorina’s supply of Drainium allow her to abscond with her loot unscathed, or will Arctica undergo some unexpected…’changes’?

– Serpenta brashly breaks into one of Frija’s fitness centers looking for gold. She thinks she has struck it rich, when suddenly the alarm brings both Lunessa, mistress of the moonlight, and Savanna, the feline fury, onto the crime scene. Serpenta thinks she can stop them in their tracks with Drainium, but Savanna reacts to the meteorite in unpredictable ways, undergoing…’changes’. Can Lunessa pull Savanna back from the murderous brink of blind feral rage, and capture the slinky supercriminal?

– Pagliaccia is doing well as a mob enforcer for Carlo Graziani, roughing up business owners for protection money. But when Vendetta, the Italian spirit of vengeance, tracks her down in an Italian restaurant, the clown princess of fear also falls back on Drainium for her defense. However, rather than stopping Vendetta, the blue stone elevates her into an unstoppable killing machine. Can Pagliaccia escape her foe’s deadly wrath?

Elements? We got ’em.

– Three transformations debuting brand-new sexy costumes! (one of which will be very recognizable to Logan Cross fans)
– One transformation tearing off civilian clothing
– Crotch busting
– Belly punching
– Mind control
– Choking and throat lift
– Knockout
– Killing
– Super strength
– Many cool superpower effects
– And, of course, plenty of tight and shiny spandex (and one cape)

This episode stars Terra, Patrick, Casey W, Jessica B, Indigo, Jasmine, Jessica Z, Bridget, Gabriel, Paul, Jimmy, and Mauricia. It’s all PG-13 action. Here’s the trailer!

And now, onto some stills:

Chlorina (Jessica Z), mistress of toxins, and Arctica (Bridget), queen of the frost, engage in a battle of super powers: acid gas cloud vs sub-zero ice blast. Who will emerge triumphant?
Devana the Huntress (Casey W) challenges Fenneca the Silver Fox (Terra Mizu) and Canis the Hound (Patrick) to surrender their golden loot. Will they comply?
The reptilian villainess Serpenta (Jessica B) tries to weaken Lunessa (Indigo), mistress of moonlight, by exposing her to the volatile radiation of the glowing Drainium meteorite. Will she succumb?
Vendetta (Mauricia), the Italian spirit of vengeance, attempts to curtail the mobster machinations of Pagliaccia (Gabriel), the clown princess of fear. Will she make any headway?
The gorgeous feline fury, Savanna (Jasmine) is transfixed by the beauty of the glowing Drainium stone. But will it have an adverse effect on her physiology?

We hope you will check out our latest episode: the first installment of Season 3 of Heroineburgh. http://www.heroineburgh.com/season-three/

We’re also excited to announce the imminent release of Heroineburgh Comics Issue 4. It will be up on our site soon, but first we’ll be debuting it at Three Rivers Comicon (June 1-2) in Pittsburgh PA. If you’d like to meet us in person, as well as one or two of our beautiful heroines in costume, come check us out as well at: Sci-Fi Valley Altoona PA (June 7-9); Heroes Con Charlotte NC (June 14-16); Garden State Comic Fest Morristown NJ (June 22-23); and Hershey Comicon Hershey PA (June 29-30). We’ll be happy to see you!

Here’s the stunning cover art for Heroineburgh Comics Issue 4 (it has a 2023 date because it’s been in the works for a while), created entirely by Jason Wright of DC Comics!



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