“DEFILED” – a Luciafilms Original Film

Powerhouse Spicy makes their Heroine Debut as Princess Neutrona in this peril stuffed oldschool pulp sci-fi romp!

When the hapless space pirate duo of Noxxie (Lucy Westenra) and Gennick (Beta) try to score it in the big leagues by sneaking on board a starship to relieve it of its cargo, the audacious haul is made problematic by the inclusion of a frozen Star Princess. Neutrona (Spicy), Idol of the Stars.

To make matters worse, when the princess unexpectedly wakes up and sparks a brawl through the cargo bay, the cybernetic bounty hunter and personal guard of the princess (Alicia Moon) shows up to steal her back.

But none of these rude awakenings the princess faces can compare to the arrival of Morloth (Mystery Guest), the many-titled nightmare of known space. Last of a parasitic breed of aliens bent on galactic dominion who desires the Princess as a way to kickstart both his empire and monstrous people.

The methods are… -involved-.

Join us as the fate of the Princess is decided, and the fate of the stars along with her.

Note from the Producer: This wild ride was a personal project, self funded and self produced to bring some uncommon and fun peril, visuals, and escapades to everyone. We put a lot into this, and sincerely hope it is enjoyed!

Features List:
Space Opera Pulp Sci-fi!
Large Cast!
Many special effects!
Frenetic combat and stunts!
Fun and involved storyline.
Shoulder Carry
Bear Hug
Unconscious Groping
Costume Destruction/Removal
Partial Nudity
Mind Control/Reprogramming
Sudden but Inevitable Betrayal 🦖
Face/Body/Cunt Punching
Forced Oral
Genetic Reprogramming
Trapped in Arousal Chamber
Loss of Control
Simulated Alien Insertion/Impregnation
Forced Orgasms
Mind Breaking
Greatness Observed
Simsex from various positions with various people of various species.

Find this film and many more at- https://shg-media.com/DisplayStore.aspx?SellerID=lucia

Lucia Films

Lucia Films

Luciafilms! We make Superhero and adjacent parody films about Peril!

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30 Responses

  1. Snidely Snidely says:

    Bad luck for people who are having their customs released during the site transition. The lack of buzz is definitely down to the move plus having to have an account (which is a totally valid gate to keep.)

    I think if we want to see this site really go big it’s on all of us to promote it in the other places where we talk SHiP shop. Happy to do my part (especially because I have a project in the early stages with TBFE!)

    • saxman314 saxman314 says:

      Idk if it really is bad luck or not. Perhaps for some distributors. But I’d bet most of us kinksters compulsively check shg-media once in a while. I’d be curious to hear if the various producers are noticing any slump in sales, but if I had to guess I’d guess they’re not. Piracy, as ever, is probably the main issue.

      Also, we had 4 releases drop that all looked good, all at the same time, which puts budgetary constraints on the shoppers. Some videos are must-buy for some people, but I bet a ton of them are impulse buys, and whereas I may feel fine buying one a week, dropping $150-200 all at once is usually a stretch for me. And once I’ve chosen the video I think I’d like the best, psychologically there’s always the thought, “Oh, I wasn’t that interested in the other flicks, so I’ll wait for something new and exciting to come out.”

      For sure, Lucia’s video fell victim to this for me. Usually, I’ll buy a video that’s creative or represents a producer taking a particular risk because I want to support that mentality in the niche industry. But the space babe thing is not my primary kink, whereas the SG and WW outfits are definitely my strongest triggers. Judging by their prominence as characters in the genre, I know I’m not alone. So, I did grab the Coco SG flick at the expense of Lucia’s. I may pick Defiled up later, but more likely I’ll be waiting to see if DCF or Lucy drop something.

      As far as the chatter on this site, for sure it’s the extra steps in clicking out of the page to sign in, then navigate back to the thread you wanted to comment on or like. I’m happy to go through the extra steps because the old site was becoming an absolute shitshow, and tbh I don’t want my kink associated with the kinds of actual misogynists who’d been appearing over the last year or two. But I don’t comment or like a comment every time I feel the impulse, and it is because of the extra steps.

      I’m quite sure I’m not the only one who exclusively uses incognito mode to check this site out, so autofill is not happening, nor “remember me” with cookies to keep me logged in.

      • SHG Admin SHG Admin says:

        I think you are correct Saxman314… Its been my experience that most people that frequent the forum sites do indeed also ‘poke’ into SHG to quickly see if anything has come out unannounced. Sales have been as one would expect thus far this year BUT its worth noting that March-April are historically, almost to a fault, bad months for sales. I have never completely understood why but its always been a very pronounced ‘dip’.

  2. D_Hoffryn D_Hoffryn says:

    Surprisingly little reaction to this release (and to TBFE’s triple release as well). Maybe due to the change of sites? Well, better than what is going on at HM now, that’s for sure.

    • ME92 ME92 says:

      We’re basically in a transition period now I guess, who’s to say what the future will bring. Hopefully people get the news and comes over sooner or later. This site had a ton of comments early on so people might just be lingering a bit now to see what happens.

    • Ben Ben says:

      Yeah I’m disappointed in the response in the comments to both this and TBFE updates. I’ve obviously been very vocal about my support with long reviews on both pages, hopefully this hasn’t translated into bad sales and hopefully it’s just a silent majority.

      You might be right that its down to transitional between two sites.

      This has always been the driving force of this community in the comments to having engaging conversations, hope that can continue soon

      • Heroine News Heroine News says:

        I think it’s multiple things 1. The community as a whole hasn’t been as vocal over the last 6-8 months in general, even on Discord a lot of group activity tanked. 2. Not everyone knows this site exist. 3. There are probably a decent amount of people who are not enthusiastic about needing a profile to comment, as its a additional hurdle in both having one (remembering the password) as well it being another sign in to worry about

        Eventually we may open the comment section to ‘everyone’ though my primary hesitation to doing so was figuring most people who wanted to be more ‘anonymous’ probably have a higher likelihood of being the same people who are looking to post harmful comments

        But I don’t want to punish those who for whatever reason don’t want an account just because of a couple rotten apples. So, as things move forward well test things out

        • ClearScreen ClearScreen says:

          Tough to balance the two things, but overall I think it fair and good to require an account to comment. But reducing the friction to log in would be nice. Right now you are prompted with a link that takes you to another page; after login you are deposited back but not necessarily in the place where you wanted to comment. Better would be an “in place” login component that doesn’t require the round trip. Not sure that WordPress has a plugin that does that (but it has been a few years since I managed a WP site).

          All in all, I’d rather have you spend your time making content than chasing this down for uncertain returns.

        • saxman314 saxman314 says:

          Hold up. What discord?!

        • Dr G Dr G says:

          I think it’s also that people have less disposable income then before with layoffs, inflation…People are watching their spending more right now.

          • saxman314 saxman314 says:

            But shg just said that sales have not been appreciably effected by this “lack of buzz.” Having been a member of many forums for many disparate interests, I think there’s a tendency of forumgoers to overestimate both their influence and the percentage of the community that they make up.

  3. Bobby F Bobby F says:

    Knocked this one out of the park, gang. Didn’t know it was coming out, bought it as soon as I saw it was available, zero regrets. Loving the new additions to the regulars, and getting to see the regulars get to do some interesting new acting takes. Lucy always makes a great villain, but seeing her do “morally ambiguous space pirate” was a treat, and Alicia as cyborg is something I didn’t know I needed (great job on the makeup!). If this is the kind of stuff you guys like to cook up when you’re not doing customs, then definitely bring us more like this, please! I’d like to see some of these characters return… and maybe a little more exposed next time! Bring us more of Morloth’s Traveling Space Orgy!

    Can you give us any hints as to what Lucia has coming up in the production pipeline?

    • Ben Ben says:

      Lucia mentioned a few projects coming soon on the old site

      – Starshame 2 (Which i’m massively looking forward too)
      – Bad Medicine: 2 – My guess its with Xiphos
      – A Starwave film with New Talent Rose (we saw an image of that briefly in Lucia’s pulled down post)
      – There is something secret happening too

  4. Ben Ben says:

    I think it’s also a very impressive that you have producers like Luciafilms that really put trust in new Talent and allow them to really delve in and create something… kind of really thrust them into the deep end, support them but take those risks.

    That is a happened here with Spicy

    I do think there’s one or two producers that do the opposite sometimes and really restrict New Talent out of there own fear as producers. I don’t think this helps the production… nor does it help the new Talent themselves

    I can understand why… but I think this film here is a great advert for really taking those risks with new Talent, certainly it’s been proven recently that Luciafilms and TBFE really step up to the plate with this side of things.

  5. ME92 ME92 says:

    Self funded, now that is something we don’t hear too often under the SHG umbrella these days. Kudos for taking the risk and redefining the formula of the genre we’re so used to. Looks cool and refreshing!

    • Ben Ben says:

      I think the great thing about Lucia films is that you don’t know the difference between a custom and a self funded project on the whole, there are a few exceptions which you would know instantly.

      But for example take these… Imperiled, Pretty Bird, S.I.F.T, Vengeance, Parasyte, Starshame, Prisoner & Defiled

      Probably some of the greatest scenes on their sites, Half are Customs, half are original content and you wouldn’t can tell the difference.

      • I will always get a small thrill out of seeing people reference the customs I funded in the comments. S.I.F.T. I feel especially happy to see because it’s possibly my favorite project I have ever helped to create.

        • D_Hoffryn D_Hoffryn says:

          I totally get that. S.I.F.T. is definitely unique, and it was fun to watch, although it’s outside my usual preferences. “Defiled” is kind of similar for me in that way. You just have to appreciate the passion behind the project and the courage to do something different, even if the content is not quite your taste.

        • Ben Ben says:

          I think S.I.F.T is a Masterpiece!

          I love the first part it’s so fun! all the characters are so rounded out and fully formed, I think the fight between Xiphos & Mckenzie is the best fight in SHIP history, it’s so funny, creative and wildly different from anything we’ve ever seen. and the special effects and editing that goes on in that particular fight is special

          and the second part ends with one of the most brutal Sex scenes ever made in SHIP, I think that particular moment is mckenzie’s best work performing that sexual parallel action.

          honestly there’s so much more to love about it

  6. Hual Hual says:

    this one sure looks amazing! Sadly, I’m not that much into Sci-Fi so I’ll pass on this

  7. D_Hoffryn D_Hoffryn says:

    Love the “Firefly” reference in the features list. And the movie looks like fun, too.

  8. Ben Ben says:


    Just stand up and applaud what a magnificent movie this is! It brings style, ambition, performance and incredible story to the genre that’s ever expanding thanks to their incredible producers. This feels epic in every proportion and easily could be on the cinema at your local town

    Just want to mention, I love the aspect ratio change in the Spin at the beginning of the movie, from a cinematic look to full screen look, simple but epic creativity there, sorry I’ll get back to the flow now… I want to first of all touch upon the set design and worldbuilding that this film creates, Lucia always does a fantastic job in creating a world in the same studio space as everything else that is different, detailed and most importantly lived in… you feel like this is a space that is been around for 20 years.

    I truly want to spend time on this cargo ship, maybe not necessarily with the creatures that are held inside but certainly want to drive this rust bucket around… Firefly style. it definitely has a firefly feel to it.

    Lets talk about Spicy… this poor princess who is the heir to a Star Empire, certainly wishes she was Princess Leia and not herself right now. this is Spicy’s debut lead performance, opposite an all Star lineup of veterans that are at the top of their game.. it’s an ambitious, nerve-wracking and daunting task for a performer who hasn’t been involved in this genre (to this extent) before.

    We’ve also got to mention that outfit, I love the design… feels very Sci-Fi and futuristic but also completely sexy, love the hair… Love Spicy’s tattoos… Anything is stunning!

    I think she did a remarkable job, doesn’t get lost amongst the talent around her. this is the first time we see her do action and she’s top-notch, brilliantly choreographed and edited together. I do hope you give a copy of the film to Spicy, I think she’ll dig the finished product. Sells the fighting and sells the peril so well, being the hero fighting with expert precision 🙂

    Lucy and Beta are a fantastic comedy duo together with some hilarious dialogue, really executed banter and just overall fun… This again reminds me of Firefly with Mal and Jayne… Anyone agree?

    Alicia, doesn’t enter the world until 15 minutes into the film but when she does she enters with a bang. donning an incredible sexy outfit and makeup, a different look but still the incredible powerhouse that this genre has created for so many years, I would be pretty daunted to be on set with her.. she just has an incredible screen presence, similar to when an Oscar-winning actor is on set. She delivers her trademark incredible reactions and choreography surrounding her interesting character

    What’s great in this film is I thought it was going to be very much for spicy centric movie, however each performer really has Time to Shine, develop their characters and have their moments in the sun. truly a collaborative process and world.

    The visual effects are stunning, truly remarkable what can be achieved under the small budget of SHIP content. some of the best visual effects ever produced in any film in the genre.

    The story does take some interesting and unexpected turns, the obvious one is the evil and villainous turn for Alicia, this is the first time we’ve seen her in a villain role as she is reprogrammed to red! Her betrayal of the princess does hit hard with the introduction of the true villain Morloth… I have missed that monster, I enjoyed it in McKenzie’s Hubris… it’s just a scary villain and has a presence on screen, fear pulsating through every part.

    there are other surprises and twists, like the impregnating storyline (loved that) The Blowjob scene is brilliantly executed, I was hooked on Alicia’s face through most of it… If looks alone could kill! Powerful stuff.

    I love the fertilisation cage, looked so hot with all those different coloured lights, the setting, the mood… it’s all so beautiful and creative… A surprise tentacle machine scene, like a fucking machine with a living tentacle… Cool! Very Cool! Beautifully executed by Spicy. just a performance that is just so authentic and real. The Sex scene with the monster was great… And the sexual orgy at the end was a perfect way to end for all the characters and for the us the viewers at home.

    The only negative I can see is I’m really not a fan of the crossfade transition in the editing, its looks pretty tacky and cheap… it’s just not as effective as a normal transition (cut or just fade to black) just get rid of those crossfades, They don’t happen throughout the movie but in a couple of scenes they happen a lot and it just doesn’t work. But thats the only negative and that’s really just a nitpick

    I’ve got to be honest this is probably the biggest production ever seen in SHIP, is it my favourite ever? I don’t know, only time will tell but I absolutely enjoyed the hell out of it an by the sounds of it, so did EVERYONE working on it.

    ALICIA is a Legend, LUCY is a professional veteran, BETA is a funny talented man and SPICY is well, is a spicy hot beautiful dish

  9. Ferrari93 Ferrari93 says:

    How long are the pleasure chamber and sybian dildo scenes roughly? Thanks.

  10. Shadow Shadow says:

    A new world to discover. It looks really interesting. Thanks Lucia to push again the genre.


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