“Dark” From The Battle For Earth

Contains: 2 on 1 male/male/female combat, face punches, belly punches, kicks, back-hands, slaps, headbutts, low blows, uppercuts, hammerfists, bear hug, sledgehammer, dragging, multiple chloro scenes, multiple canary cries, ankles and wrists restrained with rope, handkerchief gag, topless nudity, forced fucking and forced BJ’s in multiple positions, cum shot in mouth and cum shot on ass

​Synopsis: Dark Canary is beyond frustrated with the uptick of crime and specifically kidnapping and sex trafficking. Dr. Klepto is one of the biggest perpetrators and the authorities seem powerless to handle things. Even though she’s warned not to interfere, when she receives an anonymous tip, she takes matters into her own hands and confronts Klepto and his thugs. The thugs are one thing and can be easily handled, but the addition of Klepto and some very powerful chloro tips the scales against her. After getting KO’d, she wakes with a neck piece attached negating her cry. Without her powers, she’s no match for the thugs and they don’t hold back. It’s all downhill as things go from bad to worse. Klepto realizes if he can subdue her, she could bring a very attractive profit on the black market. If only DC had let the authorities handle things.

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