“Completely Broken” by Dark City Fiction

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This film is a spiritual sequel to TBFE’s film “Destroyed”. In her tireless pursuit for retribution, Superior Girl is in pursuit of the villain responsible for the tragic demise of her beloved sister, Kara (SG).

With unwavering determination, Superior Girl boldly proclaims her supremacy, convinced that her strength eclipses even that of her fallen sibling. Unbeknownst to her, the villain has devised a sinister method to absorb the powers of the heroic women he defeats, turning him into an even more formidable adversary with each conquest. 

Upon arriving at the villain’s ominous lair, Superior Girl is immediately confronted with chilling footage capturing her sister’s agonizing defeat at the hands of the villain. Undeterred, she charges headlong into a  ferocious showdown and a relentless exchange of bone-crushing blows and powers. 

Despite Superior Girl’s valiant efforts to thwart her adversary, the villain’s only strength grows as hers diminishes. As the battle rages on, the fate of Superior Girl hangs precariously between triumph and a devastating defeat…  

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Film includes:

  • male/female combat 
  • face, belly, low, and back punches 
  • kicks 
  • backbreakers
  • debooting
  • symbol grab
  • forced implied bj
  • implied forced sex
  • full nudity
  • blood and cum effects
  • special effects (lasers/super breath)
  • voice over
  • bear hugs
  • groping
  • choking

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