Carnal Urges




The ‘United Heroes’ Dynamic Duo, Blue Steel and Lady Arachnid, survive an attack from an unknown enemy while searching for Red Vision. They collect themselves, discussing Blue Steels dating prospects and Lady Arachnids formerly jealous husband. Unbeknownst to the Platonic Duo… they have walked into a trap. 

The ‘Unseen’ (Red Visions captor) has the ventilation system laced with an aphrodisiac gas… and he plans to use the footage of what ensues as blackmail. Can both heroes overcome their predicament? Or will their carnal urges reign supreme?


Alex Coal / Codey Steele / Greg Weller

Cost $60

47 Minute Runtime


  • Hosiery
  • Breast get exposed
  • Cum in mouth
  • She removes her boots early on in sex scene
  • NO Demasking
  • NO Chloroform

Scene One – Attack!

7 Minutes 30 Seconds

  • Multiple strikes to the head with weapon
  • Brief KO
  • Multiple strikes to body with weapon
  • Bearhug from front 
  • Bearhug from behind
  • Multiple strikes to crotch
  • Strangulation
  • Beatdown

Scene Two – The Trap of the Unseen

14 Minutes

  • Trapped and Gassed with Aphrodisiac Gas

Scene Three – The Temptations of the Flesh

Time to be determined (still in editing)

  • Blowjob, cum in mouth
  • Sex Scene

Tone of Scene (Spoiler Warning) Highlight Text to Read

Lady Arachnid becomes possessed by the contaminated pheromones of Blue Steel, her overwhelming primal urges try their best to corrupt the morality of Blue Steel to give into the desires of their flesh. Blue Steel is reluctant but ultimately gives him. Arachnid fully embraces her new ‘Master’.

Ending (Spoiler Warning – Highlight Text to Read) 

  • Lose Ending
  • Lady Arachnid is corrupted and Blue Steel is humiliated, they now both work for ‘The Unseen’



P.S. I love this film. I think everyone involved in the making of this film did a great job, the talent was super committed to their roles. Although it isn’t the conventional bad guy beatdown and pillage storyline: the first roughly 10 minutes are dedicated to the usual villainous fair of a fight between our heroine and a bad guy. So anyone who enjoys that need not worry, it is there. Follow by a more unconventional blackmail storyline and peril setup. I hope you all enjoy it, I loved making it, I hope it shows 


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Shooting for the Killing Joke will likely take place in April

Zatanna voice over work is still in the plans but has not yet been completed

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