“Admission” From The Battle For Earth


Contains: 1 on 1 male/female combat, face punches, belly punches, kicks, knee, back-hands, slaps, uppercut, elbow, low blows, bear hug, poisonous weakening gas, multiple chloro KO’s, full nudity, groping, nipple play, forced O from rubbing, forced BJ, resistant fucking in multiple positions, post submission voluntary fucking, gagged, rope restraints, lasso used against heroine, admission of submission 

​Synopsis: WW tracks X to a new hideout where X has prepared a trap of poisonous gas. Even after breathing in the toxins and receiving chloro, WW still thinks she stands a chance in a fight. She soon realizes the error in her thinking and X hands her an embarrassing defeat following by more chloro. It’s downhill from there as X has his way with poor WW repeatedly prior to demanding she submit fully to his will. Does X turn WW into his sex slave?

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3 Responses

  1. Hi Everyone,

    I just realized we have such an awesome platform to express our comments! Apologies if I am bringing up an old feed.

    I am new to SHIP and this is the very first custom I ordered, I do really hope everyone enjoyed this as much as I do. TBFE team (Allen) did a great job on this, translating the words I wrote to the screen and they added scenes that make the movie even better. Ophelia and Jesse provided a good performance. I am very happy and considering to have more customs in the future, well when financial allows 🙂

    I really like a “build up” scenario where the superheroine has a chance to showcase her strength and then loses eventually, no matter by means of a trap or the villain having superior power or whatsoever. Not just simply defeated by regular thugs or gets naked and have sex all of a sudden. Maybe I got into this genre mainly because of mainstream cartoons 20-30 years ago, eg Batman, Turtles etc. So I kind of want a Superheroine and Damsel in Distress blended together plot.

    Thank you!


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